Inaccurate and unethical

Growth: 4
Support: 2
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

My internship was not in my stated field. I requested to do finance and was placed in a company that does finance, but was explicitly told that I would be doing marketing. In fact, my title was "marketing intern," so there is no ambiguity there.

I didn't get my visa until OVER a month being in Hong Kong. I felt that the staff was unprofessional, infuriating, and even downright insulting. In a review, I stated that I was disappointed that I would not be doing finance, which they explicitly and unambiguously promised. They told me that I would learn even more by doing marketing because it was outside of my field. Marketing is a fine field, but it has absolutely nothing to do with financial analytics and to pretend like AI was doing me any favors really angered me.

I had to pry for information that I should have known. For example, the information pack that we were told we would receive 6 weeks beforehand. I didn't get it until 2 weeks before. Put another way, I had already paid for the program in full in addition to the flights, but didn't know where I would be living.

Furthermore, the company practically uses false advertising. They talk about doing a Macau trip and other trips around Hong Kong. What they don't tell you is that the Macau trip will cost money on top of the program fee you've already paid. There was a very strong implication that this was already included in the package.

I had a great time in Hong Kong, but I didn't pay Absolute Internship for Hong Kong being a great city. I paid Absolute Internship for an internship in my field, a timely visa, and support throughout the process. If you can get by the fact that all of this can occur to you, you will probably enjoy the trip too.

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Over half of the 36 July interns didn't have visas. I didn't put that in the review because I don't have the exact numbers and I can't confirm it. I asked the other interns for a show of hands for who had visas and I recall 2-3 raising their hands. If I had any money, I'd sue Absolute Internship.