Best way to move to Berlin EVER!!!!

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

So I moved from New Zealand to Berlin in June this year. A friend had told me about Nomaden Berlin, and how it made everything about the moving process so easy. I was a bit nervous about finding a job as I don't speak German, so I contacted Lana and she told me about what the Nomaden program offers. And I'm glad I did because everything worked out so smoothly! To begin with, I had a lot of help with the visa process (a lot of it's in German and quite complicated). The accommodation was awesome - an apartment right in the city, super close to the language school - such a convenient location for the first month, as it really gave me a chance to figure out the city without the stress of flat hunting (now I have a house-share with friends I made in the first week). I managed to get a job within 3 weeks!! (largely thanks to all of Lana's help - she's literally a CV/job finding guru). Best of all, I met an amazing bunch of friends through Lana and the rest of the group. I felt so welcome the day I arrived. My first two weeks of Berlin were just the best, and really kick-started my life here. I really cannot thank you enough Lana & Nomaden Berlin!!

I'd recommend this program to anyone thinking about doing the working holiday visa in Berlin and wants to make the process as smooth & easy as possible. It's actually really good value when you consider the cost of a Contiki or Topdeck tour, & this actually helps set your life up in a new city. I chose the package with accommodation, a language course, visa support, job placement help, 2 weeks of events and transport. That meant I literally had no stress, and setting up was super easy, but there are other packages as well to suit different needs.100% worth it imo!!

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