My two shorts weeks in Bella Roma

Instruction: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Value: 9

In only two weeks, I spent so much great times in this beautiful city ! You meet some new people everyday from all over the world. The staff will do everything for you to be comfortable in the school, your class, and your accommodation !

One thing I really appreciated is that I felt independent during my free time. I loved spending time during school's activities and also losing myself in the streets of Rome, it's a beautiful way to discover the city :) ! I also loved the school's activities because they're not just about visiting the most famous places. The staff will make you discover a part of Rome that you didn't know, and mostly unknown to tourists.

If you still hesitate, just... don't ! Go ahead ! You have the opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this school is perfect to learn you the Italian language and culture ! Just prepare your stomach... you'll eat.. a lot !

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed