A Great Experience

Impact: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 6
Value: 6
Safety: 9

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Chipangali and actually felt much safer in the country than I anticipated before my trip. One of the little stories I would like to share (and there are many) is that whilst myself and another volunteer were busy cleaning the lion cages on a really hot day which was a great experience in itself working so close to these majestic animals but in a very safe environment because of the lock down system within the cages - we returned for a lunch break to find 5 of our fellow volunteers all in the pool outside the main house. They had 6 hand reared ducklings with them in the swimming pool giving them their first swimming lesson and they were lining them up and having them race to the other side of the pool to declare the winner of the duck race. There was something so funny and yet caring about it in a sanctuary that has so many charismatic animals - these lovely baby ducklings were bringing so much joy and were equally cared for.

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An amazing place to be involved with research and rehabilitation programmes - a real hands on experience. I also enjoyed working with minded fellow volunteers who share a passion in wildlife and conservation - you could make life long friends at the centre and take away memories that will stay with you forever