Organisation does not support true volunteering passions, needs to enforce more safety measures

Housing: 3
Support: 2
Fun: 8
Value: 7
Safety: 2

There is something to be said about organisations that do volunteering work, as it is not an easy job nor is there much profit (true non-profit organisations). Having said that, ISPIICE, is not an organisation that is truly a Volunteering organisation.

1) This is a 3-person organisation (4 if you count the landlord)
2) House - Considering the amount I paid in USD, the house isn't kept clean. It barely gets swept and mopped once a week. They expect volunteers to clean their own bathrooms and most volunteers do not unless you are one that follows rules and takes the time to clean. The girls bathroom did not have shelf space to keep toiletries and sometimes they have 6-7 girls sharing the same bathroom space (you can imagine the mess). There aren't any cupboards/drawers that can be locked. Therefore, you just have to trust that no one will steal your stuff. People come here from all over the world and it is difficult to trust that your money or whatever valuable you have won't be stolen while you are at work/sleeping/in the toilet. Bed mattresses have moulds and stains on them.
3) Since you have to do your own laundry, you need to dry them too. Girls intimate apparel is supposed to be dried inside the room! That means, room stays damp, the stuff doesn't dry for days, and not enough room as there are many room mates and not enough drying space.
4) You go for volunteering work 1.5 -2 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the evening. So a total of just 4 hours in a 24 hour day. It is not what I would consider volunteering when I travelled half way across the world. When I asked for more hours, they said that the driver would not be willing to take me around (?!) What else does this driver do? Nothing really, he just roams around. They finally agreed to take me to another volunteer place, yet I was not given the time to teach as the driver wanted to rush home.
5) I went on trips to Amritsar and Agra. The trips were well managed although the 2 star hotels we stayed in didn't have wi-fi in the rooms and had barebones furniture despite paying good money to stay there.
6) Since you do not know your room mates/housemates beforehand, it is possible that you can be stuck with people who have different interests than you. Now think about your own safety when people are drunk and staying in the same room as you!
7) If 1 girl is left to return to Delhi to catch her international flight, they ask the girl to travel alone by an overnight bus to Delhi. This is dangerous, as the bus drops you off at the side of some highway in Delhi (not a proper bus stand) at 5am (dark) and you are surrounded by autorikshaws that want you as their customer. As a lone girl, it is a very dangerous situation to be in! You do not know which driver is a crook and whether he would actually take you to your destination.
8) If you do not know Hindi (Indian language), it is hard to communicate with the locals. They do not teach it, as some volunteers had requested for lessons, but never received them.

Bottomline- I felt the program was not a proper volunteering experience.
It is not a volunteering organisation, it a mostly a tourist agency with some volunteering.

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