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This school promises that after you get certification, you can work in Italy if you 'bring the right documentation'.

This is a lie. You cannot work legally in Italy without a work visa or European citizenship. Language schools WILL NOT help you get a working visa as the beaurocracy is too complex and they already have European/British teachers.

I learned the hard way. I paid a lot of money to complete the iTTT program in Rome, I moved to Milano , and many schools want to hire me. However, they either needed a work visa/ or wanted to hire me illegally. I obviously don't have a work visa and I am not willing to take the risk of working illegally. Therefore I'm paying a lot MORE MONEY to go back to the USA and apply for a a student visa and pay and Italian language school thosuands of dollars to justify my student visa. If you don't speak Italian, you literally can do nothing in Italy and noone will help you (at the banks, post office, immigration office, italian embassy , etc).

Don't waste your money on this program unless you can obtain a visa before attending,

In addition - other misleading items: this program offers no work assistance besides giving you some websites to look at after completion of course.

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I already sent many emails to your program before writing this bad review. You did not offer me any assistance. I told you I will write bad reviews if you can not advise me on the best coarse of action, but you offer no assistance.