Nomaden Berlin's relocation service is 10/10!!

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I chose to move to Berlin this summer to pursue work in PR. Having previously lived in Sweden and France, I was fairly comfortable with moving countries. However, having spoken to friends in Berlin and read the forums I could see that Berlin was a different beast. I looked around short-term accommodation offers and was pretty disappointed with what I could find. This was until I came across Nomaden Berlin! I was able to stay in a BEAUTIFUL penthouse apartment in Prenzlauer Berg for the same price as a hostel in a much lesser area. Added to this, I was able to register (anmeldung) at the apartment in the first week of arriving in Germany. This is a crucial administrative prerequisite if you want to live and work in Germany as you need to register to get a tax number. Nomaden booked my registration appointment and helped me with all the paperwork!!

After a lovely welcome evening I started on my 2-week intensive language course. This was in a great language school close to the apartment. I had some basic knowledge of German but the course really got me going with the language – I am hoping to carry on with the school after new year. Learning some basic German has made living here much easier and it has been really enjoyable doing this alongside fellow people relocating with Nomaden.

Throughout my first month in Berlin, Lana organised some really cool social events including BBQ’s, open-air cinema trips, market trips, bar crawls etc. which were great for getting to know the city and meeting people. However, as a history graduate, it was some of the organised tours that Nomaden offered that I found most fascinating. From trips to the Berlin wall and underground bunkers to tours of the Reichstag and Soviet memorials, the package Nomaden has put together gives you a great taste of the city’s history.

All in all, Nomaden made my move to Berlin very enjoyable. From the accommodation and language school to the events and tours, Nomaden offered a 10/10 relocation package!

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