Summer 2016

Growth: 8
Support: 7
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Safety: 7

I feel bad about leaving this review but I wish people would have told me this before I went. Connect 123 in Cape Town will pressure you into living where everyone else lives and promises certain amenities they do not follow through with (gym, TV, constant roof access) and they will constantly come into your housing unannounced. Connect will drop you off at your first day of your internship but does not provide you with transport back, and I've heard many stories of people crying because they felt so lost about how to get back who were not in the safest areas. Two of my coordinators were absolutely lovely but often felt like the third one was treating us like children. Since I payed for this all completely on my own I often wondered what exactly the payment to Connect-123 was exactly for. Especially after leaving it took over 2 months for a letter of recommendation that was only 2 paragraphs. Overall, I learned so much from the experience but I would not go through Connect-123 again.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
Year Completed