ESAC Experience in Prague

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I was fortunate enough to study through ESAC in Prague in the summer of 2016. I had an amazing time, with great and knowledgeable professors and a brilliant social atmosphere. Some of the pros that come along to studying with ESAC is that they are always there when you need them, and Dr. Zamastil is amazing at helping the students with academic concerns as well as housing. The professors structure their classes so that you get to interact with the city as much as possible, rather than sit in class all day. There are many field trips that are organized for the students, and we learned so much about business and entrepreneurship through the local businesses we visited. Also, everything from the food to the housing to transportation is taken care of, so I never had to stress about accommodations.

ESAC also organized many social gatherings throughout our time in Prague, so we always stayed connected to everyone in the program and also had plenty of opportunity to mingle. The Teaching Assistants (who are students from prague!) were soooo helpful in teaching us Czech, taking us out on excursions, giving us advice about the city, and just being there to hang out! Dominika, Tomas, and Jarda made our time in Prague all the more enjoyable, and I can honestly say they helped make my experience excellent.

There aren't many cons, but I will go ahead and list some things that can be improved about the program. The dorms were quite a distance away from downtown and the school, which made it a little unpleasant when you had to spend 15-30 min to get to somewhere interesting. But a plus was that we were very close to a large supermarket, which also made me happy. Another con was the breakfast that was offered in the morning. The food they served wasn't that fresh, so I opted for feeding myself in the morning. I felt that it was a waste of money that I would've rather deducted from the total program cost. The coffee was nice though, and they did have occasional fresh fruit every now and then, but then again, not worth the extra expense.

These cons aren't significant enough to give ESAC a bad rating though. I truly think they are an amazing company that always has the interests of the students at heart. I give them a 10/10.

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Yes, I would
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