My AMAZING Experience

Growth: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I booked my experience with Tru Experience Travel, to the Philippines volunteer Teaching Palawan. I can truly say it was the most amazing experience that i have ever had, From the very beginning booking my trip with Tru Experience travel i spoke with Hannah she was brilliant. Giving me information about the different destinations i had in mind she never ones rushed me and made a sales pitch like the other companies i looked at. Hannah was all about helping me find the right volunteer project that suited my needs and always easy to get into contact with. Hannah also contacted me when i got to the volunteer project to see if everything was ok and if i need anything else just to contact her or the volunteer coordinator. The volunteer house was something out of a dream it was on the beach, in the mornings when you step out of your front door it was a vision of beauty with your feet on golden sand and clear blue sea waves. Teaching in Palawan I can now say with confidence that I can teach a whole class of children, the children are adorable and cute it was a pleasure every time i would teach them. Most importantly by going to the volunteer project it has connected me with whole entire different group of people halfway across the world from the local Filipino people to the friends i made from the volunteer house welcomed me with open arms. i have nothing but happy memories and a place that has stolen my heart. i cant wait to return, something that i will 100% be doing again. i just what to add Glory and Helen that work in the volunteer house are incredible. Truly the best thing i have ever done thanks Tru Experience Travel for an amazing time.

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