5 Wonderful Weeks :)

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 9

I had an incredible experience ISPiiCE! They went above and beyond to meet your every volunteer and personal goals/wishes. Varun even assisted with onward travel plans, and was very personable and inspiring in all that he has done to get the company to where it is now. One example of how selfless Ravi and Vineet, 2 other staff members are, was the multiple times they would offer to cook more rice. I quickly learned that eating everything meant you were still hungry and so they would just keep cooking it and Serving it up. It was so funny, one of the first nights, it took a 3rd refill for me to realise to stop eating it until empty. They just want to please you, therefore you are so well looked after!

The teaching and childcare I was involved in was amazing, and the staff helped with translating. I can't recommend the experience more; it's a must do for anyone. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer, a newbie, retired etc, ISPiiCE are so flexible in meeting your goals and supporting you as needed without you feeling pressured! Amazing! :)

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