Pacific Discovery South America

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

When I was a senior in high school, I originally did not have the intention of taking a gap year. However, when I was given this chance to take a gap year, I just knew I wanted to travel somewhere. It was one of my best decisions to travel with Pacific Discovery in South America because I learned so much about myself and the world. My Spanish improved immensely, I created strong friendships with 13 other people, I tried paragliding for the first time, camped, connected with the four families through our homestays, went puenting (bridge jumping), made coffee, and had many more new experiences. The leaders acted as friends, advisers, and most importantly, role models. One of my favorite homestays was definitely in the rural Agato, Ecuador because the community is so tight knit, warm, welcoming, and thoughtful. Everybody knows each other in the community. I remember one of the host mothers went to get groceries from a market, and she had a list of items other community members needed as well.
During my trip, I created a video that captures small bits of our experience and the gap year program.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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