Australian Forest Wildlife

Impact: 4
Support: 2
Fun: 1
Value: 1
Safety: 3

My experience with Oceans to Earth was unfortunately far from positive. I felt that the cost of the program was entirely too expensive, considering the accommodations and program provided. Although Oceans2Earth was very helpful in organizing our travels, the organization did not check-in upon our arrival, which seemed unprofessional in terms of safety. The manual provided beforehand concerning our specific rescue was inaccurate, outdated, and misleading. The manual was a misrepresentation of the site as a whole. The accommodations were minimal, which was to be expected, as the site was in in a rural area. However, these same accommodations were unsanitary, and in stark contrast to the cost paid for this trip. As a foreigner, traveling to a new country, those in charge of this facility were unwelcoming and ungrateful. Instead of being appreciative, they were critical and unprofessional. I highly recommend this project solely for those native to the area, for the staff did not look highly upon those traveling from other parts of the world. As for the rescue, showers were permitted every 3-4 days, water was extremely limited, and there was no separation between the rescue and the living facility. Animals were allowed in every area of the facility, including the kitchen. The refuge requires significant renovations, including the removal of carpet, window repair, and an overall deep clean. Personally, I was very surprised that Oceans2Earth promoted such a facility, especially one that was in such stark contrast with the facility pictured online. I was truly disappointed in my experience, and the amount of money I invested. The cost of this trip did not reflect the accommodations provided. I feel that Oceans2Earth needs to re-visit this site, and reevaluate their affiliation with this program.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
Year Completed