Life changing semester

Academics: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My semester in Sweden was not only an incredible experience, but also has continued to affect my life (for the better). I've since come back to Sweden to do research on a Fulbright Scholarship, have viewed Sweden as my second home and shared Swedish language and culture with my friends and family.

The university is world-renowned--a lot of students will choose not to, but if you want, there is definitely the opportunity to challenge yourself academically (and still have fun!). The program director was very supportive of my decision to take upper level science courses and actually negotiated to let me do so, and I was able to experience lab techniques that weren't even offered at my home university.

Student life is amazing, with thirteen student nations that host balls, formal dinners with Swedish drinking songs, club nights, restaurants etc. They are a great chance to meet other students and work/learn to bartend, and are a unique part of Uppsala. The housing also facilitates this--although you have your own room and bathroom, there are eleven other people in your hallway that can easily become some of your closest friends.

The program itself is exceptional, planning excursions and events to expose you to different parts of Swedish culture. You might go to the Arctic Circle or a Swedish resort island, explore Stockholm or Viking graves, and not have to worry about planning any of it. The program director, Felicitas, has a wonderful course in cross-cultural communication, and is always there for support. It was all very smoothly run and helped me get the most out of my experience.

All in all, CIEE Uppsala was the best semester of my college career. Its study abroad opportunities stand out in the cultural immersion that is offered, with the chance to become a part of student life and learn the Swedish language and culture. I loved every second of it and am so lucky to be back!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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