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I arrived in Toronto, Ontario, in May 2016, two days after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in integrative physiology. Upon my arrival, I was given my open work permit that I had acquired through the program. My initial plan was to spend time in the Muskoka area at my friend's cottage on Lake Muskoka, where I expected to work a seasonal job at a golf course as a chef. Although the opportunity existed, I was not entirely attached to the job- I was thinking bigger.

Canada's healthcare system is one that intrigues me. Two things struck me negatively: Wait times to see physicians and specialists was much too long, sometimes scheduling months out; Patients of rural areas in Ontario had limited access, or no access to healthcare. With this in mind, I was curious to know if I could impact patient's and healthcare professional's outcome in the Canadian healthcare system.

Within one month of my arrival, I was hired on a one year contract by Ontario Telemedicine Network, where I have taken on the role of implementing Telemedicine into physician's and specialist's practice, as well as developing effective Telemedicine programs to enable physicians and specialists to provide healthcare to rural patients in Ontario. I have developed cardiology, dermatology, mental health, and wound care programs that have provided patients with healthcare in days, not months.

As I near the end of my contract at Ontario Telemedicine Network, and plan to apply for another open work permit through this program, I recognize that I have gained valuable experience and have made a lasting impact in Ontario's healthcare system. My next big idea as I experience Canada- medical device and emergency education sales, to impact the way ordinary people can save lives.

Oh yeah, and I got a puppy...

So, think... How might you want to experience Canada? ... and think big. Everyone is capable.

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