An experience money can't buy!

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

After hearing about the benefits, chance to travel and quality of life teaching English in china. I decided to do an online search. After subscribing to a few mailing lists and sending a few emails. I was contacted by Brendan. I explained that this was just an idea I had and maybe I wouldn't take the plunge and move until maybe a year down the line, or maybe not even at all. This didn't stop Brendan's enthusiasm shining through! Undeterred by my lack of commitment, he still took the time to explain all the different possible options available, we talked about visas, schools, training centres and general life in China as a whole. A year later after a couple of Skype interviews I packed up and arrived in China. I chose to teach in Foshan as I already knew some people who had been working there. I was overjoyed with my new job and life in Foshan. Brendan took the time to get to know about me, then set me up with a great Kindergarten. He then helped me to find an apartment, advised me about opening a bank account here and gave me some great tips about planning and teaching for kindergarten children. This would have been a very daunting and problematic transition to make on my own. New Life ESL took me by the hand, guided me and didn't let go until I felt comfortable in my new life!
They are an amazingly caring, considerate team with outstanding attention to detail.

New Life ESL you rock!

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