Volunteering in the Medical Program-Mandeville, Jamaica

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Value: 9
Safety: 9

This volunteer experience was unique because it was my first international experience. Projects Abroad made my travels and stay to/in Jamaica flawlessly smooth. I was impressed and grateful for the Projects Abroad staff that helped welcome and guide me through my stay in Mandeville. My volunteer term was from December 10-30th, so I had the privilege to experience the Jamaican Christmas holiday season.

I volunteered at the Mandeville Comprehensive Health Centre where I rotated between the curative, maternal and child health, and family planning units. I helped record heights, weights, blood pressures, blood sugars, patient interviews, and six week postpartum check ups including vaccinations. Because it was the Christmas holiday season, we had a Christmas week special where each day of the week, we went into the community and passed out gifts or spent time with the community members through other events. We went to the infirmary one day for a skin and hair care day where we gave manicures and pedicures and passed out health products like deodorant, combs, body wash, ect. Another day we passed out food baskets in a poverty suburb outside Mandeville to the elderly members who did not have much of their own. Another day we hosted a Christmas party at a local church and played games with the kids and did a gift grab. It was nice to help impact the community and spread cheer during this season.

This was my first international trip so Jamaica really prepared me for future travels as well as introducing me to a new culture. Jamaica was a good choice for first international travel because it was mostly Americanized while it still had its own cultural differences. I felt safe and comfortable in the city as I walked through the whole town each day to my work placement and the project office. Being proactive is definitely a good quality to have if you are interested in pursuing a project through this organization. I would highly recommend Projects Abroad for a seasoned or new international traveller!

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