Exceeding Expectations

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 4
Job Assistance: 5

The course is 100% worth it. In 4 weeks you are able to gain so much knowledge and practice teaching ESL. The program gives you options of housing and lets you fill out a form with your preferences (definitely recommend staying with a host family). My host family was everything I could have hoped for and I still go and see them even after moving out when the course ended. They set up transportation at the airport for you, making your journey a lot less stressful upon arrival. It is definitely an intense and challenging course, but it is absolutely worth it. The first week can feel a bit overwhelming, but you get used to the work load and pace of the course. The practicum teaching and feedback sessions are super helpful. Melanie and Luke break down lesson planning for vocabulary, grammar and skills lessons so you are fully prepared when the course ends. They are very helpful through the job search process. They also provide information about other countries if you are looking to move somewhere else after the course ends. Between your classmates, instructors and alumni you are able to have such a helpful support system. This course completely exceeded my expectation and I recommend it to anyone considering getting their TEFL certification.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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