Get TEFL Certified & Get Paid to Teach English in Costa Rica
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Get TEFL Certified & Get Paid to Teach English in Costa Rica

Want to get paid to live in a tropical paradise known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and the legendary Pure Vida vibe of its people? Get TEFL certified & teach English abroad in Costa Rica!

The job market for teaching English in Costa Rica is currently one of the largest and strongest in Latin America. Costa Rica is also an ideal option if you don’t have a 4-year university degree or prior teaching experience. It is also a great place to work on your Spanish language skills.

You can teach English in Costa Rica by taking ITA’s Online TEFL class or by taking your class in person in the historic town of Heredia, Costa Rica.

Armed with your International TEFL Academy TEFL certification & lifetime job search guidance, you'll be able to finding professional teaching positions in Costa Rica & in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Get TEFL certified with International TEFL Academy!

Located in the historical town of Heredia just outside the capital of San Jose, our Costa Rica TEFL class offers a combination of world-class TEFL training; top notch support; and comprehensive job placement assistance both in Costa Rica & worldwide. Our professors and support staff in Costa Rica possess years of experience in both training TEFL students and in linking our graduates with job opportunities throughout the region. In fact, local language schools actually seek out graduates from our Costa Rica TEFL course to work as teachers in their institutes.

In addition, International TEFL Academy offers state-of-the-art accredited TEFL classes online and 25 locations world. We certify more than 3,500 people a year to teach English overseas and our graduates are teaching English abroad in 80 countries worldwide. In addition, to earning and internationally accredited qualification that is recognized by thousands of schools and language institutes worldwide, all ITA students receive lifetime job search guidance and access to a full array of alumni services and networking opportunities.

Why does International TEFL Academy offer the Top TEFL Classes in Costa Rica?

  • State-of-the-art curriculum incorporating the latest in teaching methodologies and practices including classroom management & lesson planning;
  • Comprehensive Pre-Enrollment Guidance & Advice: Work with a personal advisor to answer all of your questions about TEFL certification & English teaching jobs in Costa Rica & around the world;
  • Top tier support from an experienced staff both in Costa Rica & in our Chicago headquarters.
  • Highly qualified professors possessing advanced degrees & experience;
  • Live practice teaching (Practicum) to gain hands-on teaching experience with local ESL students in Costa Rica;
  • Hands-on job placement assistance in Costa Rica, in addition worldwide lifetime job search guidance that includes personal assistance from expert advisors and referrals to top schools and recruiters;
  • Alumni Network: Exclusive opportunities to network, connect & correspond with thousands of ITA alumni teaching English in Costa Rica and in 80 countries worldwide;
  • Internationally Accredited: All TEFL courses, including our Costa Rica TEFL Course, meet or exceed international standards and are externally monitored & accredited by internationally recognized bodies.

How Do I Learn More?

  • Contact International TEFL Academy for a Free Brochure.
  • You will also be assigned a personal admissions advisor to answer all of your questions about teaching abroad and TEFL certification.
  • You will also receive access to the most comprehensive information available anywhere about Teaching English Abroad, including hundreds of articles & FAQs, country profiles, eBooks & guides, firsthand stories, videos & live webcasts!
  • From hiring requirements and salaries, to TEFL certification & job placement assistance we are available to help you with all of your questions about teaching English abroad. This information is available free of charge, so just get in touch!

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Length: 4 weeks

Requirements: Students must be native English speakers.

Type of Training: TEFL Certification for teaching English abroad in Costa Rica & more than 80 countries worldwide

Job Placement Services: All graduates receive personal job placement assistance in Costa Rica (virtually all graduates are able to gain employment). In addition, International TEFL Academy offers lifetime worldwide job placement. Services include personalized assistance from experienced advisors, 400 page job guidance manual; contact information for more than 30,000 schools & recruiters; access to hundreds of job boards; alumni network with over 10,000 ITA graduates teaching worldwide & much more.

Housing: Options & costs may vary depending on availability, but typically include homestay arrangements, local hostels & guesthouses, & shared apartments. Request a brochure or speak to an advisor to learn more about specific options. Housing costs are not included in tuition, but our staff will assist enrolled students with making arrangements.

Cost Description:Tuition: $1799 USD (not including housing, food or travel)

Application: Contact International TEFL Academy for a Free brochure to speak with an advisor and to learn more about the course & enrollment, in addition to teaching jobs in Costa Rica & job placement assistance.

  • State-of-the-art curriculum incorporating the latest in teaching methodologies and practices including classroom management & lesson planning;
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The amount of money to start up should be at least 2 months living expenses as it takes a few weeks to get a job and start, then you get paid typically once a month. It's always wise to bring more than you think, many people spend more during their first month than average going out to dinner, traveling etc. Here's a link to the Costa Rica country information as this is updated each year with cost...

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Program Reviews (14)

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24 years old
Heredia, Costa Rica
Moravian College

Exceeding Expectations


The course is 100% worth it. In 4 weeks you are able to gain so much knowledge and practice teaching ESL. The program gives you options of housing and lets you fill out a form with your preferences (definitely recommend staying with a host family). My host family was everything I could have hoped for and I still go and see them even after moving out when the course ended. They set up transportation at the airport for you, making your journey a lot less stressful upon arrival. It is definitely an intense and challenging course, but it is absolutely worth it. The first week can feel a bit overwhelming, but you get used to the work load and pace of the course. The practicum teaching and feedback sessions are super helpful. Melanie and Luke break down lesson planning for vocabulary, grammar and skills lessons so you are fully prepared when the course ends. They are very helpful through the job search process. They also provide information about other countries if you are looking to move somewhere else after the course ends. Between your classmates, instructors and alumni you are able to have such a helpful support system. This course completely exceeded my expectation and I recommend it to anyone considering getting their TEFL certification.

How can this program be improved?

I think the program can be improved by providing more information about the course before starting. The first day was very overwhelming and I think some of that stress could have been decreased if I knew what to expect in terms of course load and how practicum teaching is structured into the schedule.

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24 years old
Cheshire, England
University of Salford



This course was absolutely fantastic. The material and instruction was extremely comprehensive. The tutors were always there to assist with any issues during the course. The marking/grading time frame from the tutors was extremely admirable. The assignments were always returned back with extensive feedback in a short period of time. This in turn made it easier to progress on the course as it meant we were able to make improvements in time for the next assignment.
The course was extremely intense, more so than was expected. However, I saw this as a positive as it meant we were more prepared to go into teaching ESL after the course. The program provided by the tutors was known throughout the local ESL community. This became evident during my interviews for work at various institutes, they shared the same view that the tutors were doing a successful job of preparing ESL Teachers for the field.
I am extremely happy that I took this course instead of one off the internet. I feel that it simply would not have been enough to be able to successful teach ESL. Whereas the course at TESOL COSTA RICA provided week on week practical sessions that were reviewed and developed upon. Due to the practical side of the course and constant feedback provided from this, the course simply could not be beat for preparing a teacher in my opinion.
If you want to take the most comprehensive TEFL course and be prepared for the ESL market then I would highly recommend taking this one!
Pura Vida!

How can this program be improved?

I think that the program could of provided more information before the start date of the course. For example, information about the homestay and course schedule was a little vague. Also, it was extremely difficult to find low cost accommodation after the course.

Response from International TEFL Academy

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Samuel. Your photos clearly prove Costa Rica is an amazing setting to get TEFL certified. And the staff down there undoubtedly contributes to the unforgettable experience.
We're sorry you experienced issues with your housing budget. All of our start-up cost info is kept up-to-date on our website. Costa Rica is one of the most expensive countries in Latin America, so it is the reason why we recommend bringing almost double of what you would bring to most other Latin American countries.
We look forward to hearing how your adventures unfold down south!

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24 years old
Upstate, NY
University at Albany- SUNY

The best for your money


This course was absolutely amazing!! Your in-class time is split between two incredible teachers, with different teaching styles that only work to create a diversified learning experience. There is a lot of hands-on and practical teaching experience you will not find in an online class, that is crucial to becoming familiar with real life teaching. You will learn everything you need to know about correct English grammar, and how to teach it. Luke and Melanie (the 2 teachers), and other staff are with every step of the way. Do not go into this class thinking it will be a vacation, it is not. During the month of class there is not as much time to travel around Costa Rica as you might expect. There is a lot of work, but it is very manageable. After graduating this course, I not only feel very prepared to be a successful English teacher, but based on the strong reputation this school has in the ESL world here in Costa Rica, I feel like I have an advantage over other TEFL students. After graduating this course, I took a little vacation to Nicaragua, but now I am back here teaching at a local English school and can't wait to see what my future has in store for me!!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I can think of to improve this program would be to offer more support in housing after graduation for people who want to stay local and teach. The job search guidance is very good, and effective, and it makes it easy to find a job teaching english. But it is stressful going from a structured month of living, with a homestay, food, and attending school everyday, to being on your own and needing to find a place to live and a job to support the rent. So make sure if you plan to stay and teach to have money saved for at least a month rent after graduation.

26 years old
Pearl River, New York

Costa Rica TESOL from a suburban New Yorker


This was an amazing experience and continues to be even after graduation! Everyone on staff was more than helpful, direct and upfront. All of the assignments were clearly outlined and although the work load challenging it certainly was doable. I think what I appreciated most was how enthusiastic the staff was about training us and their ability to give helpful advice at the right time and with one-on-one interactions if we had a question, problem, or were just feeling overwhelmed.

How can this program be improved?

The biggest problem I had was actually before the course even started a lot of the info was a little vague leading up to the course.

I was expecting an email at least a few days before the start of the course just as an introduction and there really wasn't any sent out. They said we could ask whatever questions we had but it was just a lot to take in so I wish they had a frequently asked questions page more available.

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61 years old

An Incredible Experience Beyond My Expectations


I knew I would meet new people and have a great experience but the extent of the bond created in this group was beyond my expectations. We came to appreciate each other and cheered each other on. I was the mom in the group, my fellow students came to me for advice both personal and about Costa Rica where I have lived for 39 years. The course is intense. Do not think you are going to do this while you are exploring Costa Rica. There are tours on the weekends but there is a lot of study time, time for planning lessons and the course hours. I enjoyed the teaching time. The benefit of taking this course is having actual experience teaching. I learned every time I taught and also learned that I love it. We laughed a lot and Melanie and Luke were wonderful instructors. I would recommend this course to anyone but only if you are serious about doing well. Your grade is on the certificate! Laurel Anderson

How can this program be improved?

The links provided for in the textbook should be in Moodle. I don't know if that has been changed.

28 years old
Heredia, Costa Rica
Lindenwood University

The journey of a lifetime is just a four week class away.


"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." -Hemingway

I reached a point in my life where nothing new or exciting was happening. I had found myself in a day-in-day-out routine that never challenged, never pushed, or never taught anything new. As consequence my development ceased. I felt I had so much potential to do whatever I set my mind to, but lacked direction. What was I to do? Look for a change, that's what. Okay, so I knew I loved to travel: check. I knew I loved meeting new people: check. I knew Costa Rica was one of the most beautiful places on the planet: check, check, check. So, I figured traveling to Costa Rica was the most sensible option, but still, what would I be doing in Costa Rica? I searched and searched online looking for different ideas when I saw ITA's website (International TEFL Academy). ITA gave me the idea, but I figured I'd do some research first and check out the other websites offering a chance to go and get paid in Costa Rica. None of them came close to the detail and precision that ITA offered. None. I stayed in touch with one of ITA's advisors, Lindsay (fantastic woman, great, awesome), and got the ball rolling. I got picked up at the airport by David, a driver for TESOL students, had a nice conversation/mini-tour of the place, and got dropped off at my homestay. It was actually happening. I was actually in Costa Rica, in a Costa Rican home, and in love with it all. The family I stayed with was great. Rosa, my host mother, was the kindest and most loving person you could meet. With the way the entire family received me, there was no other way to feel, but at home. Next was my experience with the first day of class. I hadn’t felt nervous about a first day of class since middle school. I still wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But wouldn’t you know, in the first ten minutes of class I had twelve new friends. Twelve instant friends. Twelve unique people all looking for something new in their lives. And the professors, wow, the professors and staff were AMAZING! Luke and Melanie are 100% relatable, 100% likable, 100% totally awesome… and maybe 20% cheesy jokes. We hit the ground running. After the first week of class we were already practicing teaching in a live classroom. And after four weeks of training we were already having jobs lined up. I’ll never forget the time I studied to get my TEFL certificate. Lifelong friends and memories, no doubt. Just know that you will get what you put into the course. I came to be challenged and to learn new things, and got exactly that. Actually, that and so, so, so much more. Pura Vida!

How can this program be improved?

Maybe more advice on how much money to bring in the case a job is not lined up right away. Housing cost, food, and a month wait for first paycheck. It's all good, Pura Vida.

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25 years old
Shoreham, NY
West Virginia University

Tesol Costa Rica


I just completed the July 2016 course. It was great, i met some friends who ill know for life and Costa Rica was the greatest. Im forever grateful i decided to take this course. It really is amazing here. I would recommend this course 10/10. The course itself was fairly intense, but if you are willing to work a bit hard for a month and then reap the rewards its a no brainer. The sites around the school are amazing as well. One month here already and i still feel as if i havent even scratched the surface yet.

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25 years old
Overland Park, KS
Kansas State University

Hands On Learning


I found the International TEFL Academy simply by searching for teaching ESL abroad opportunities online. I came across multiple different schools that offered similar opportunities but decided to go with the Internaitonal TEFL Academy because of their outstanding reviews and all of the feedback their past students left in form of comments or video. They seemed like a company that would take care of you and help you along during the entire process, both of which are extremely important when dealing with teaching in a different country. The class was a 4 week instensive course where we were provided a multitude of different teaching examples and materials. After a week of the course we began our student teaching which is what I believe really set this particular course apart from others offered. This way we were able to do hands on learning and work directly with real students in Costa Rica. Therefore we could better understand what it would be like working with ESL students and teaching in a different country, and we were there to experience it all in person. It was because of the student teaching during the course that I felt prepared enough to go teach directly after I graduated the course. I started applying for jobs during the third week of the course where I simply used the list of ESL schools around the area supplied by the TEFL Academy. The amazing instructors for the course reviewed my cover letter and resume and afterward I simply sent both out to the schools I had an interest in. I currently work for a school named Idiomas Mundiales located in Barva, right outside of Heredia. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. I graduated college right before I made the plunge and moved to Costa Rica to begin the course. I had known that I didn't want to go directly into a desk job and saw the opportunities that teaching ESL would provide, and it has far exceeded any expectations I had prior to the experience. It is very challenging moving to a different country and teaching ESL. Everything is different, and you need to become accostumed to a completely different culture which is no easy task. However, I felt so comfortable because the TEFL Academy means it when they say they are there for you even after the course ends. They're there to support you through the hard times and there to smile with you through the good. I have fallen in love with teaching ESL and being in Costa Rica has made me grow as a person in ways I wouldn't have been able to unless I had gone through this experience. So to any contemplating going abroad and teaching ESL, I highly highly encourage you to do as I did. Go outside of your comfort zone and experience the beautiful world around you. You will never regret an adventure like this.

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32 years old
montezuma, costa rica

I mean... It's Costa Rica. It's amazing. Go!


I was having trouble figuring out where I wanted to do my program. Doug helped me on the phone.. he asked me some questions, I asked him about 400 more and we narrowed it down to 3 places. Costa Rica was one of them... and happened to be a country I had wanted to visit since forever ago. It was decided.
Once I was put in touch with Costa Rica TESOL, I had a million more questions and Georgia helped me through all of it. She booked everything. My transport from the airport to my rental house (which was awesome. Piamonte.)
I had to take a bus every morning from Piamonte to the school... but that was easy. Sometimes I was late, so take the early bus if you want to be on time.
The course seemed intimidating at first. And then we were supposed to teach real students almost right away. This was scary to all of us... but, in hindsight, its so much better this way. You overcome the fear. And then you truly see if this is something you want to do. With lots and lots of praise from your fellow students and the course teachers, you'll succeed. I suggest using the resources as much as you can. Being resourceful goes a looonng way in this country. Be smart.
Towards the conclusion of the course, they found me jobs. I went to interviews... but I ended up moving out to the beach and teaching here at a small private school. And I teach the parents of the students after school. Once you have your TEFL certification, you can really teach anywhere you want.

How can this program be improved?

Some of the materials like books and various props seemed dated and had a lot of use. Kinda gross and dirty. But still useful and practical. The other thing was the initial emails from Costa Rica TESOL... I didn't know who it was or if it was official. Not sure if anyone else felt that way... but, if you're spending a couple thousand dollars on something, you want to be sure.

25 years old
Granada, Nicaragua
University of North Texas

Opening Doors


I chose International TEFL Academy because I was already in the Heredia area and wanted to find a way to stay there. I decided that English teaching sounded like a good option, so I did a quick google search and realized that the best school in Costa Rica was a 10 minute bus ride away from my house! I signed up for the next available class online in just a few minutes, and waited for the date to roll around.

The class was much harder than I expected it to be, but it was worth it. The schedule was intense, but the pressure created a family environment with my fellow students and our teachers. We saw each other every day, lesson planned, ate lunch, went to festival, and taught together for four weeks. I still talk to two of my classmates regularly, and have the others on Facebook. I know that the others keep in contact as well, because I can see their Facebook interactions! hah!
Aside from making great friends, I learned a lot in this course. It was literally a crash course in TEFL for me, as I decided to take it on a whim. However, I felt completely prepared to teach English by the end of the four weeks. We focused a lot on the grammar concepts, which I really liked. As native speakers, we don't realize why we say things the way we do, so it was nice to have a review. This made it easier to teach the material to my students. We also focused on real-world teaching experience, which I loved. I was super nervous before every class, but once class started I sailed through it. The variety of ages and levels presented in our student demographics helped me to learn which group I prefer to teach.

I'm now in Granda, Nicaragua, working as a TEFL teacher with over 250 kids in two different schools. I have twenty classes a week, and it's a bit like living in a tornado -- you never know what will come flying at you next. My coworkers have taken other TEFL courses, but none of them felt as prepared as I did to teach in the especially challenging Latin American public school system. I'm thankful that I happened to be in the right place at the right time and received a wonderful TEFL education.

How can this program be improved?

More focus on young learners

37 years old
Heredia, Costa Rica
Emmanuel College

Opens infinite possibilities


After years of trying several different careers and living in various countries, I realized what I love to do most is to travel. I did some extensive research and was excited to find that teaching English as a foreign language was one of the best jobs to facilitate traveling. I inquired with several organizations and in the end chose International TEFL Academy, ITA, for many reasons.

From the beginning, they were responsive and available. They were very prompt in responding to my questions and I was happy to speak to a real live person within a day of my requesting information. My advisor was personable, honest, and extremely helpful. She had taught abroad herself and kindly addressed all my concerns and gazillion questions. The live webinars were great for discussions and the Facebook groups were invaluable sources for getting in touch with alumni and other currently enrolled students. Also their website was very informative and the "Q & A" accounts by alums incredibly insightful.

I took the on-site course in Costa Rica. It was an intensive four-week program with a fairly heavy workload. We started the practicum the second week, and although it was intimidating at first, teaching local students of all ages and levels became one of my favorite things about the course. Our instructors were longtime residents of Costa Rica and offered valuable guidance in our job search as well as sound advice for what to expect when we started teaching out in the "real world".

There were certainly some challenging times--especially being in a foreign country and managing an intense course--but overall ITA did an incredible job preparing me for this life changing journey. I have no regrets choosing to get certified through ITA and I'm grateful for the infinite possibilities this credential opens up for me. If you want to travel, enjoy teaching, and are open to the amazing possibilities of life in foreign places, I would definitely recommend taking ITA's onsite course in Costa Rica.

How can this program be improved?

I really enjoyed the practical teaching aspect of the program but feel that the sessions could have been longer. In reality most English classes are 2-3 hours long and it would have been nice to practice for the real life scenario. I would also have liked to receive feedback from our Student Learner from the one-on-one teaching exercise.

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25 years old
San Clemente, California
Loyola Marymount University

One of My Best Classes


I was lucky enough to have two awesome teachers for this course, both having a different teaching approach but being equally engaging and helpful. They told my class straight up that the course was going to be difficult; it was a six-week course stuffed into four weeks. But they also told us it was very doable, as long as we stayed on top of our assignments. And they were always available after class to help us.

Melanie and Luke taught our classes in the same manner as we would teach our own classes, making us learn firsthand how our own students might react to certain activities and lesson plans. While class is class, there were several times where laughter was a big part of our day. My teachers definitely had a sense of humor while challenging us to create our own lesson plans and pushing us to master what we learned (which meant starting the day answering grammar questions from Luke).

Of course this class couldn't do everything. The teaching practicum is great practice, but it does not nearly prepare you enough for the real world of teaching. Teaching gets only better with practice and I wish we had more time to keep practicing. But unfortunately it is only a four week course.

What I loved especially about this course is that my teachers weren't only mentors, but friends. Melanie and Luke didn't sugar coat things. Not only did they share their personal experiences as examples for situations we might encounter, but they also acknowledge the very real epidemic of culture shock. They explain what it is, when it happens and how to cure it (and according to Luke the real cure is getting a boyfriend or girlfriend native to that country in order to become a part of the culture, learn the language, make native friends and feel a sense of belonging...he ended up getting married to a Costa Rican).

I honestly loved this class and only wish I had the opportunity to learn more. And it's in Costa Rica! Such a beautiful country with friendly people (and awesome host parents!).

How can this program be improved?

I wish we had more teaching practicum hours for more practice in my teaching skills and confidence. Also, it would have been nice to have had more rotation in our teaching practicum groups (we observed each other and gave each other feedback along with our teachers). I was only able to observe a select few of my classmates and it would've been helpful to observe other teaching styles from my other classmates.

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24 years old
Heredia, Costa Rica
Texas A&M University

If you're considering teaching in Costa Rica.. DO IT!


For four years, my dream had been to move to Costa Rica to teach English after I graduated college. In July 2014, International TEFL Academy helped my dream come true!
When I first found ITA online, I sent in my information and immediately got a call from an advisor. Over the next several months, he patiently answered all my questions (there were a LOT) and made me feel completely at ease about the whole process. He constantly sent me articles and other references that answered all the questions I had been asking myself. When I finally decided to sign up for the class, he was so excited for me and gave me all the details I needed to take the next step.
After that, the head of the TEFL school in Heredia, Costa Rica got in contact with me to discuss housing and other details. In the months leading up to my arrival in Costa Rica, he stayed in contact with me and made sure all my questions were answered and any issues were addressed.
I arrived in Costa Rica on July 3, 2014. I was advised to get there a few days before the course started so I could get to know the other students in the course. Unfortunately, nobody else got there early, so I wasn't able to meet anyone before the course started on Monday. It was a long weekend alone and it made me want to leave, but I'm so glad I didn't. As soon as the course started I loved it. I loved the people, the atmosphere in the classroom, the instructors, and the excitement that comes with the beginning of any new experience. The course was intense, but English and grammar come easy to me so I didn't find it too difficult. I was most nervous about practical teaching, but that ended up being one of my favorite things! The course required a lot of work, but the instructors were amazing and taught everything in such a fun way that I forgot I was even in class. The four weeks flew by and, surprisingly, I felt completely prepared to teach an actual English class at an actual school. I traveled for two weeks, and then got a job at an English school called Idiomas Mundiales. I teach 25 hours a week, which is considered full-time for a teacher in Costa Rica. I teach Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday night, Thursday, and Saturday morning, which leaves Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon for traveling. I'd rather not work Saturdays, but it's really a perfect schedule for me.
I love everything about this experience. I've met some really great people and been to some amazing places. I've also learned a lot of Spanish, which I'm excited to improve over the next few months and then hopefully be able to use it when I find a job back in the States. The hardest part about being here is missing my life back home, but I know coming here was the right decision and I'm so glad I did!

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing, it would be to cancel the nighttime practical teaching. It ended at eight, but I lived far away so I usually didn't get home until nine.

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24 years old
Rockford, Illinois
University of Worcester



This program offers excellent skill-building classes to prepare you to teach English abroad. The classes can be taken online, which is very nice for students still attending a University.

About The Provider


International TEFL Academy is passionate about two things:

1) Providing the highest quality TEFL certification classes.

2) Ensuring all of our graduates find professional, paid English teaching jobs abroad & have a wonderful experience overseas.

All of our staff at ITA have worked, lived &