Melbourne Internship - United Global Capital

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Overall a very valuable experience in which I believe I grew as an individual and gained important practical experience in my field of study (finance).

I feel that I was very lucky with the group of interns that I arrived with as we became very close as a group and had many enjoyable adventures together.

The company at which I worked (United Global Capital) were very good to me and I really enjoyed the working life in the city. The work itself was extremely valuable in giving me a platform on which I can further build up work experience heading towards the end of my undergraduate studies.

In terms of location - Melbourne is a very special city and a great city to be in for a young person. The nightlife and post work activities keep you busy and there is always something new and exciting to do.

How can this program be improved?
The accommodation was very disappointing to be frank. The only thing that was enjoyable regarding the living standards was that all the interns were together.

The advertisement of the rooms on the website was completely different to what we ended up in and a few of the promised features were not granted.

In addition, I feel like certain matters (the rat) were not dealt with in a proper manner from the intern group team and the hotel management in general.

Positives from the accommodation was that there was access to a swimming pool and modest gym facility.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed

Provider Response

Hi Chris, Thank you for leaving us a review. We are glad to see that you had a valuable experience with United Global Capital and rated the program a 9/10 overall. We are also happy to hear that you made close friends on the program and enjoyed all that Melbourne has to offer. We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the accommodation and felt that we did not deal with certain situations in a proper manner. We can assure you that we took all of the necessary steps to resolve the problem. The rat sighting was a result of food being left out in the common areas. We called pest controllers that came 4 different times for good measure. We also had builders come to assess the building and close up any potential access points. There were no more rat sightings after taking these precautions. But, you will be happy to know that we are cancelling this accommodation altogether. Your feedback is important to us.