Gold Star TEFL Recruitment - Very professional and reliable recruiting company

Benefits: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 3
Facilities: 8
Safety: 10

Golden Star is an excellent recruitment agency. They have been offering a completely free recruitment service to teachers for over 8 years. They really try to match suitable teachers with suitable schools. The staff is very professional and reliable. When I decided to get a teaching job in China I did a research about the best recruitment companies in this country, and I decided to register with Gold Star as it was mentioned in several websites as well as in the book "Teaching English Abroad 2015" by Susan Griffith published by Teaching House. I put my CV on their website and a few days later I was doing interviews to get a teaching job in China.
They have friendly and flexible staff that are on call 24/7. I undoubtedly recommend to any teacher looking for a job in China to register with Gold Star TEFL Recruitment.

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