A Month in Buenos Aires with Mente

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

Mente Argentina is the perfect program for those looking for a full immersion experience, weekly events/activities, and are working with a budget. My boyfriend and I were able to strengthen our Spanish skills at a highly challenging and personalized school with this program, and they also coordinated our homestay, airport pickup & dropoff, and tons of weekly events including tours through the city, trips to Tigre, Colonia (Uruguay), and Iguazu Falls. If one of the events they coordinate is not planned during your stay, they even compensate you for what they would have covered had you gone with the group. The welcome "kit" they describe is more than a few maps and pamphlets, we received backpacks, souvenirs (a traditional Mate cup), a reloadable subway and SMS card, and more. Absolutely incredible, they go above and beyond their students' needs while charging a price lower than you'll find anywhere else. They also offer to exchange USD to Pesos with no fees, and give you a free "International Student" card that gives you even more miscellaneous discounts. Thank you Mente for an awesome experience!! I highly recommend your program to anyone interested in visiting Buenos Aires.

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