Teaching English in the Galapagos Islands

Impact: 7
Support: 8
Fun: 7
Value: 8
Safety: 10

Travelling to the Galapagos Islands was quite the experience. I worked with some excellent and very supportive staff members. They helped me design my schedule and catered to my needs and interests. I spent a lot of time with other volunteers in the organization who made the experience so much more memorable.

Teaching English to children was a great time, and there was so much joy and laughter that was spread that it radiated the entire island. My host family was great as well. I was given a private room, had three meals a day, and got to learn a little bit about their style of living. This is definitely one of the best experiences I have had traveling, and I would recommend this location to anyone looking for an adventure!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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