Wildness is not a place - it´s a way of living.

Housing: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I became African addicted years ago and travelled several times to different southern African countries as a „normal“ tourist. When I got the chance to use the time between 2 jobs I decided to do something MORE …and… a Level 1/Field Guide Course is more than more.

The 55 days program is a very intensive time out in the Bush. Wildlife, Nature and fascinating animal-encounters increased my heartbeat. I’ve been constantly outside for weeks = super!!! The night sky with 2.500 Stars makes you more than wow and when you encounter one of the Big 5 on foot… this it´s a double wow… no it´s a triple ;-)

During the course I’ve learned a lot about Astronomie, Animal-behaviour, Birds (and their calls) and much, much more. After a while you´re realizing that everything linked, nature works as a fine balanced system and you see the Savanna with different eyes.

Daniels Team around Natucate provided an excellent service and kept me always in the loop on what I had to organize before and during the course. Out there is much more to discover than Facebook. I say: Do it!!! and we might meet because I´ll definitely go back…

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