Field Guide Courses Africa – Become a Game Ranger in Africa's Wilderness

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If you are interested in Southern Africa, an adventure seeker and outdoor enthusiast who would like to be more than a tourist and acquire new knowledge, Natucate gives you the chance to experience the African Bush in a more intense way.

Africa is ideally predestined for your particular wilderness experience programme on account of its climate, location, flora and fauna. Enjoy an exciting time in fascinating Kruger National Park, the magnificent Eastern Cape, incomparable Mashatu or the breathtaking Okavango Delta.

We offer a variety of educational wilderness courses in Southern Africa enabling students to gain valuable insights into the work of a field guide. You will learn how to read tracks and to observe wild animals in their natural habitat! Experienced guides and will be by your side to share their expert knowledge with you.

At the end of these courses you do a test to acquire a recognised FGASA-certificate which can help you to become a professional nature guide.

  • Be part of a life-changing, educational wilderness programme
  • Immerse yourself into unmatched locations
  • Elephants, lions, leopards – witness wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Learn with the help of experienced guides
  • Obtain an official FGASA qualification at the end of the course

Natucate Conservation Scholarship 2020

You want to become active in conservation work abroad and broaden your hands-on conservation know-how? You would like to volunteer and would benefit greatly from financial assistance? Then apply for a Natucate Conservation Scholarship! This way you can expand your academic knowledge and receive fundings for your educational volunteer experience! Natucate awards three 500 US$ scholarships each year. Learn more about our 2020 scholarship options

Popular Programs

Field Guide students and their instructor on a game walk in Southern Africa

The Field Guide Level 1 course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about what it means to be a field guide. Experienced guides instruct you and your international team about Southern Africa’s flora and fauna within 55 days and teach you how to introduce visitors to Africa's fascinating natural landscape. After several incomparable theoretical and practical training lessons, you can obtain an official FGASA certificate.

Trails Guide students and their instructor on a game walk in Southern Africa

The Trails Guide training course in South Africa and Botswana combines a mindful approach to experiencing nature with unique personal development. Experienced guides will show you how to navigate and orient yourself in the bush, familiarise you with the fine art of tracking and teach you how to keep an appropriate distance to any wildlife you encounter. Travel to Southern Africa and dive into the wilderness!

Professional Field Guide student standing across an elephant in Southern Africa

Living in the rhythm of nature, in the midst of Southern Africa’s untouched wilderness and surrounded by fascinating wildlife – this is what the Professional Field Guide has in store for you! Based in different camps across South Africa and Botswana, you and your team roam the African bush while acquiring profound hands-on ranger knowledge, instructed by experienced guides. At the end of the course you can obtain an official FGASA certificate! Learn more

Image of a lioness sitting in a savannah in Southern Africa

You want to observe animals up close and personal and understand their habitat? Then take part in this four-week wilderness course in Southern Africa and learn what it takes to be a Safari Guide! You will either be based in South Africa or Botswana and – together with your instructor and an international team – roam the bush on daily walks and drives to get to know the local flora and fauna. The course can be finished with an official certificate.

Cheetah in a tree in a vast grass savannah in Kenya

The natural landscape of beautiful Kenya forms the spectacular backdrop for this unique learning experience. The four-week safari guide course provides basic information about the African wilderness and gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the local animal and plant life. You will be given an official certificate at the end of your course. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is ahead of you! Learn more

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wildness is not a place - it´s a way of living.

I became African addicted years ago and travelled several times to different southern African countries as a „normal“ tourist. When I got the chance to use the time between 2 jobs I decided to do something MORE …and… a Level 1/Field Guide Course is more than more.

The 55 days program is a very intensive time out in the Bush. Wildlife, Nature and fascinating animal-encounters increased my heartbeat. I’ve been constantly outside for weeks = super!!! The night sky with 2.500 Stars makes you more than wow and when you encounter one of the Big 5 on foot… this it´s a double wow… no it´s a triple ;-)

During the course I’ve learned a lot about Astronomie, Animal-behaviour, Birds (and their calls) and much, much more. After a while you´re realizing that everything linked, nature works as a fine balanced system and you see the Savanna with different eyes.

Daniels Team around Natucate provided an excellent service and kept me always in the loop on what I had to organize before and during the course. Out there is much more to discover than Facebook. I say: Do it!!! and we might meet because I´ll definitely go back…

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wilderness Experience - Field Guide Level 1

During the 55 days Field Guide Level 1 course I stayed in Selati and Mashatu and experienced a whole new world for myself! In between jobs, I decided to do something completely different than my usual office work to clear off my head and boy – was that different!

In a small team of 9 students, we learned all about navigating, surviving in the African bush and understanding the environment that surrounded us. We spotted so many amazing animals on our game walks and drives like lions, elephants, hyena, rhinos and my personal highlight – an African fish eagle (somehow the variety of birds really got to me). I was amazed about how fast our small group grew together during the lectures we learned and our time in the bush. Also the support our guide gave us during the stay was very good as he was a patient teacher and you could tell that he was passionate about the African nature. Together we focused on the things our guide showed us and learned step by step to identify the sounds of different animals, got to know their tracks and followed them to find their creator.

At first I have to say that I was a little nervous during the nights, as I grew up in a city with traffic noise and sirens during the night so it was completely new (and unsettling) to me to listen to nature and wild animals while falling asleep. After a While I got used to it and actually enjoyed the peaceful sounds:) In the end it was a once in a lifetime experience and if I got the chance, I would totally do it again!

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Yes, I recommend this program

NATUCATE also stands for great support - they are a great team around Daniel Kaul

I can highly recommend Daniel and his team when planning to spend some valuable time abroad. They are enthusiastic about what they are doing, provide you with the necessary information to plan a successful stay abroad and support you no matter if you are still at home or already abroad.
In my case I knew I could rely on Daniel and his team at all times - when there occurred a transportation problem from Johannesburg to one of the camps the other day, Daniel essentially helped to get things settled from back home in Germany.
Also he was never tired to answer all my questions ;-) even if he must have heard them a thousand times before ;-)
:-) :-) :-)