Amazing experience!

Impact: 5
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 9

The pre-departure support from PMGY was so useful, I would recommend using it as much as possible! Josh was great to speak to over the phone, friendly and informal - really knowledgeable about the programmes.
I spent 4 weeks in Tanzania and I wish I had gone earlier and stayed longer as the experience just gets more enjoyable as you get to know the other volunteers and the staff. The accommodation is relatively basic - there was no WiFi while I was there (not always the case) and the showers aren't consistently warm - but it was extremely social, comfortable and I wouldn't change anything major. The house Mama's cook amazing food, just be open to trying some new things and you'll never go hungry! The Mulberry (bar and restaurant on-site) serves more Western foods and is a great little social hub to have right next door.
The staff in-country are fantastic and there is always someone available to chat to and ask any questions or reports any concerns. I did an orphanage placement and a member of staff escorted me and the other volunteer on the first day to show us the journey and introduce us. I took food every day for the kids breakfast and toys (from the resources shelves at the volunteer house). Apart from playing with the children, I helped with food preparation and keeping the orphanage clean and tidy.
I would definitely recommend this experience if you're willing to be spontaneous and settle into the 'pole pole' lifestyle in Tanzania :)

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One thing I would improve about the programme in Tanzania is more concrete expectations for the volunteers while they are in-country because while I was there I think us volunteers got a bit carried away with the social aspect (like missing a day of placement to nurse a hangover haha). While I am definitely not complaining about how fun and easy-going it was, it might have been better if there had been a volunteering timetable that we could all look at, just to make the placement side of the experience more central, if that makes sense? That way people might be more motivated to go into placement even after a heavy night before, and then everyone (including the orphanages and schools) gains a bit more from the whole set-up. Just a suggestion because otherwise the whole experience was perfect!