Really good an interesting experience

Program Selection: 5
Pre-departure Help: 5
In-program Support: 4
Impact on Student: 5
Value: 3

My son learnt Chinese at the SN Mandarin School during one semester and was completely satisfied with the instruction and the support he received. There was a good atmosphere during the teaching classes and he made excellent improvements, so that at the end of the semester he could pass the HSK3 test. It was a lot of fun for him learning Chinese at the school. The staff was very friendly and helped him through a lot. He was also very happy with the support he got to find a suitable housing. I recommend the SN Mandarin School to everybody who wants to learn or to improve his/her spoken and written Chinese in a short time to reach to best possible level. The teaching approach was very flexible and modern, using specific cards to learn the logograms (chinese characters: hanzi) one by one, so that every student could follow the course and make out the best of it for him or herself. Thanks a lot to all the staff members!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would