Peru Cusco

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

So many emotions in me while thinking back of my days in Cusco Peru. I would like to think that I did make a difference. I hope to have contributed and consolidated through my work with this Non Profit.
Culture is an antidote to violence, because it invites us to the prayer of others and fosters tolerance, by encouraging us to meet other imaginaries and other cultures. Through my experiences in Cusco, I gained in maturity. I came to be more open-minded and flexible. I learned to understand through hugs. Volunteering there was an opportunity to share with others. I made a lot of friends and filled my heart with a lot of unconditional love. We are not only a citizen of our country, but also a citizen of the world. Thus, we can be useful in any society. We are here not only for ourselves, but for others.
I brought clothes for kids and the second time we did a special breakfast for the patients in the cancer hospital, there were Kekes (soft orange cakes) left over. So, Maria Elena and I went down the street in the night distributing pieces of cakes and clothes for poor kids. We looked out for people in need and offered these. Happiness and gratefulness could be read on their face.
The US office was so fantastic. I don’t know how they can be so present. Indeed, all the time I had a question or a doubt, I was answered very quickly. I mostly used emails with Sarah and Lynn, and chat online with Lori. What is so nice is that you have the chat mode, where you can talk, modify and ask questions. For me, Lori was a precious help anytime I had a question. In less than 24 hours (sometimes minutes!!) I got my answers (all of them!). They are efficient, helpful, reliable and so kind.

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