Volunteer Abroad in Cusco, Peru - 12 Different Programs
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Volunteer Abroad in Cusco, Peru - 12 Different Programs

Volunteer Abroad in Cusco (Cuzco) Peru: Cusco (Cuzco) is considered the archaeological capital of the Americas, and has been declared by UNESCO as a cultural Heritage of Humanity. Cusco (Cuzco) maintains its Old World charm with beautiful plazas, cobbled streets and colonial style buildings lining the city. With its close proximity to Machu Picchu and other archaeological wonders, Cusco (Cuzco) has a wealth of treasures to offer a globally-minded traveler.

In spite of receiving thousands of tourists every year, Cusco (Cuzco) also has one of the highest levels of poverty in the country. This is evident by the presence of hundreds of children living and working on the streets. These children lack a decent education, food and caring, with almost 30% living well below the poverty line. We offer orphanage and teaching placements throughout the city. With our volunteer program we allow you to discover the wonders of Cusco (Cuzco), while doing meaningful community work.

We offer the following programs in Cusco (Cuzco): Program Length: 1 to 12 weeks Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day Accommodations: Local Homestay Meals: Yes, 3 meals a day Requirements: 17 years + , some Spanish knowledge, an able body and caring spirit. * To be successful volunteering with a local NGO you need to be able to motivate yourself. Regardless of the country and program, to get the most out of your time abroad you need to quickly get to know the placement.
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The fees cover: Airport pickup and drop off, local orientation, host family, meals, local coordinator, a donation to our programs, please check our website for more details.

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Peru Cusco Medical

I loved my Peru medical volunteer experience. It was a great way for me to go out of my comfort zone and experience a new country! Volunteering in the clinic was so rewarding and was a great way to be truly immersed in the culture! I would definitely do it again!
I loved my accommodations! They were very comfortable and the host family was amazing. The food was excellent and I always felt very safe. Everyone was extremely friendly and was always willing to help.
The support I felt in country was awesome! Beatriz was always available when I needed her and showed me how to get around. She was very helpful when things changed and was always willing to help.

Yes, I recommend
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I did really enjoyed my time

I did really enjoyed my time volunteering in Peru, Cusco is a beautiful city with many activities. The girls and workers in the orphanage are very friendly. The most important things they need from volunteers are donations and helping hands. The donations can range from clothing to school supplies to personal hygiene items as they are teenagers. I really enjoyed communicating with the girls. I remember my first successful conversation with them in Spanish. It felt very rewarding.
I didn't expect to negotiate so much in Cusco. From taxis to local markets, there is often not a set price. For example, a taxi driver may say the taxi ride costs 6 soles, but you can and should argue for a fairer price when the drivers try to overcharge, ask your host family what are the typical fares.
It was shocking to see how quickly the weather conditions can change. It can be warm and sunny one moment and then cold and rainy the next go out with layers, sunscreen and sunglasses.
I really enjoyed traveling on the weekends and would highly recommend this. Travel was surprisingly inexpensive. Visit the Rainbow Mountains, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Once in a time life experience. Hopefully more!

Yes, I recommend
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Peru Cusco

So many emotions in me while thinking back of my days in Cusco Peru. I would like to think that I did make a difference. I hope to have contributed and consolidated through my work with this Non Profit.
Culture is an antidote to violence, because it invites us to the prayer of others and fosters tolerance, by encouraging us to meet other imaginaries and other cultures. Through my experiences in Cusco, I gained in maturity. I came to be more open-minded and flexible. I learned to understand through hugs. Volunteering there was an opportunity to share with others. I made a lot of friends and filled my heart with a lot of unconditional love. We are not only a citizen of our country, but also a citizen of the world. Thus, we can be useful in any society. We are here not only for ourselves, but for others.
I brought clothes for kids and the second time we did a special breakfast for the patients in the cancer hospital, there were Kekes (soft orange cakes) left over. So, Maria Elena and I went down the street in the night distributing pieces of cakes and clothes for poor kids. We looked out for people in need and offered these. Happiness and gratefulness could be read on their face.
The US office was so fantastic. I don’t know how they can be so present. Indeed, all the time I had a question or a doubt, I was answered very quickly. I mostly used emails with Sarah and Lynn, and chat online with Lori. What is so nice is that you have the chat mode, where you can talk, modify and ask questions. For me, Lori was a precious help anytime I had a question. In less than 24 hours (sometimes minutes!!) I got my answers (all of them!). They are efficient, helpful, reliable and so kind.

No, I don't recommend
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Cusco Peru

I really really loved my time in Cusco. The people I met through traveling, and other volunteers were absolutely amazing. I always had something to do in town and the time flew by. Volunteering in Peru has taught me so much about different cultures, mentality, values, and way of life.
My program in the clinic was exactly what I wanted to do. The nurses I worked with were so kind and encouraging of me, which really motivated me to go work there everyday.
I absolutely fell in love with Peru and Cusco. I feel as though I really took advantage of my month in Cusco to explore the city and get integrated, and yet I still feel like I there was so much more I didn’t see. Cusco is incredibly beautiful and cultured with many quaint side streets, historical sights, and activities. You won’t be bored!

Yes, I recommend
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Girls Orphanage Peru Cusco

I really enjoyed working with the girls from the orphanage. I worked in both the kitchen and the ceramic classes and it was fun to chat with the girls and I think they also had fun asking me about the United States.
The accommodation was very nice. The local coordinator has a comfortable house. She has a large tv in her family room with lots of movies if you want to watch and relax. The meals were very good, I loved the soups that were served every lunch. I never felt concerned about my safety, even at night. Lunch will be your biggest meal and breakfast and dinner will consist of bread and jam or bread and meat. There was always boiled or bottled water to drink so I didn't have to work about the water quality. Maria Elena is a great host and really wants you to feel comfortable and at home. She is flexible and if you won't be there for a meal it's not a problem.
I also was in Peru over Thanksgiving and Maria Elena surprised me with a Thanksgiving meal, that was so nice of her.

Yes, I recommend
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I had an amazing time in Cusco

Overall I had an amazing time in Cusco, Peru! The people are so nice and welcoming, the weather is gorgeous, the city and mountains are like nothing I’ve ever seen, and the food was great (definitely try ceviche at least once, it’s amazing)! You certainly have to be able to roll with the punches, and if you’re more Type A, you definitely need to turn that switch off! The work was great at the clinic, but you have to be very assertive and have some Spanish skills. The patients are incredibly thankful and tough as nails, and it is so rewarding to just do simple things like give vaccines or hold a hand. Working at the girls orphanage was fantastic as well! The girls are so excited to meet someone new. The majority of the time I helped with homework (math, grammar, English), and when their homework was done we played volley ball! I think what they needed most was just hugs and affection. It´s been an incredible, eye opening experience, I hope someday I’ll be able to visit Peru again!!

Yes, I recommend
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I had once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in Cuzco Peru for a month, working at the orphanage and being there for a month you get very connected to the girls and get very connected to the city because of how different it is. You realize how beautiful the simpler things in life are, the local ABV coordinator made everything really easy for me to acclimate into Peru. I know Spanish from high school, but being down there for a month and immersing myself in the culture was really great for my Spanish. You pick up quickly on the language and for myself learning in a classroom isn't the same.

The US abroaderview staff did helped me a lot, any questions I had they would answer me within 24 hours. My mom called and they answered any and all of her questions! I had a few precautions before I actually signed with abroaderview but after talking to them and talking to other ABV volunteers who have gone I realize that this was the right choice for me.

Yes, I recommend
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Wonderful Peru Cusco

I have met so many amazing people on this journey from other volunteers to the girls at the orphanage. I have built the strongest connections in so little time and fallen in love with Cusco. The girls at the orphanage are some of the sweetest girls I have ever met and I wish I could stay here with them so much longer. I would not trade this trip for anything in the world.
My favorite memory was just sitting and talking with the girls at the orphanage. I don’t speak much Spanish and they don’t speak much English but somehow it was a perfect fit. I learned so much from them and truly felt a companionship with these amazing girls.
The best memory of the country was Machu Picchu. On the weekend I had the opportunity to do an excursion to Machu Picchu and it was phenomenal. I not only met so many great people, but got to experience some of the best views Peru has to offer.

Yes, I recommend
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Refreshing Peru experience

I chose ABV to volunteer in Peru Cusco because I felt like the other volunteer organizations' program fees were far too high considering the circumstances. While money wasn't necessarily a consideration for me, I was not going to give my money to a for profit organization I felt was capitalizing greatly off the generosity of volunteers. ABV did not disappoint. I truly enjoyed the experience.
The kindergarten I was volunteering at surprised me by dressing me up in traditional Peruvian celebratory garb and parading me through the streets of Cusco. It truly took me out of my comfort zone, but ended up being an extremely positive experience.
The Peruvian people are far more "proud" than I expected them to be. The culture, their history, their food, their education, family, etc. Everything is a "big deal" in Peru, and seemingly worth celebrating. It was extremely refreshing.

Yes, I recommend
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Health Care Peru Cusco

I had a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end with ABV in Cusco, Peru, as well as with support in the United States. I am very grateful for my experience here and wouldn’t change one thing about it. My host house truly felt like home. Everyone was kind and willing to help me in my host family and at the clinic.
The advice I received from the director was invaluable and helped me adjust to life in Cusco. While here I enjoyed going on weekend trips with other volunteers to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. In addition, we enjoyed taking free salsa dancing lessons arranged by the ABV coordinator and exploring Cusco.
The house I stayed in was nice. I had a room to myself and there was a shower with warm water. The meals were delicious. Peruvian food is much different than American food, but I was always able to find something that I liked.
While in Cusco and the surrounding areas I was continually surprised by how friendly everyone was, even just the people I sat next to on the bus. In the clinic everyone was very nice. They always took the time to say hi to me and ask me how I was doing.
One of the things I was nervous about was my safety in the country. After arriving my director gave me some tips to stay safe and after getting used to being in Cusco for a few days I felt just as safe here as I do in the United States. Overall I felt like everything was really well organized.

Yes, I recommend
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Magical Peru Cusco

I LOVED my experience in Peru! It was really the people in Peru, including my host family and fellow volunteers, that made my experience. We all get along so well its magical! I have had an amazing time exploring Cusco with them and learning about the public services in the city. If I could I would do it all over again and I would do it with ABV. ABVs design allowed me to personalize my experience so that I could go where and when I wanted to go and I could volunteer in a place that was perfect for me. ABV and Peru were truly magical!

Yes, I recommend
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Xmas 4 Peru Cusco Orphanages

At first it was a bit of a shock to work with the children with special needs. They have such an unfortunate range of disabilities, and this kindergarten/pre-school is very understaffed. Many of them were also orphans. It was however really rewarding to see how much joy they still found in their everyday life, regardless of their circumstances.
My experience was great and working at the two placements I did got the opportunity to really help out with these children. I’m glad I went for as long a period as I did, as it takes time to get to know the children enough to really help them (especially the autistic and mentally challenged kids).
The coordinator was great, and helped me out with whatever I needed. She was really supportive and worked hard with me to help in my efforts to buy Christmas presents (clothes, blankets, toys) to over 400 orphans and disadvantaged children. I appreciate that a lot.

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteering in the Amazon National Park

I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was to be without internet access at the national park in Peru. I had such an amazing time getting back into my body's natural rhythm, waking up at 6am with the sun and going to bed around 8pm! :)
You need to bring ALL biodegradable substances: shampoo, toothpaste, and bug spray. However, you can also support the program by buying their products once you arrive. They sell all three of these products there for 40 soles.
I had a truly eye opening 2 weeks and I have A Broader View to thanks. I learned so much from being in the jungle, and it really changed the way I think about the World. I hope I can use this experience to help better my own country!

Yes, I recommend
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Best trip with my daughter

From the moment we arrived in Cusco, and we met our coordinator Beatriz at the airport, we received ongoing, wonderful support. Beatriz shared her wealth of knowledge about the history and culture of Cusco with us whenever the opportunity arose. She helped us to settle in (banking, telephone services, where to find a laundromat, and the list goes on) Throughout our time in Cusco, we had regular contact with her. She invited the two of us and other volunteers to her home to experience a wonderful Peruvian meal. Beatriz was diligent about asking how things were going at the volunteer sites, at the host family's home, if we felt well, etc. she helped us to shop for donations for different organizations.
I truly enjoyed my time in Cusco. I volunteered at two sites and found the children to be open and loving. The whole experience was very rewarding and I would recommend volunteering abroad as something everyone should consider.

Yes, I recommend
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I Love Peru

The support provided in country was very impressive. If I had any questions at all they would be answered within the day. The local ABV coordinator (Beatriz) was amazing. She went above and beyond by showing me everything I needed in cusco and was also extremely helpful with any questions or concerns.
I was surprised and impressed by the simple laid back lifestyle in cusco. It was refreshing to and interesting to learn and experience day to day life here.
If working in the orphanage the girls cannot receive makeup or nail polish. Simpler items such as hair clips, bracelets, etc. are accepted. Layers are a necessity with the changing weather in cusco as well as cough drops due to the air and altitude!
My accommodation was amazing. I lived with two sisters, Cecilia and Eva, both in their fifties and their parents who are in their nineties. It was great to learn from the different generations. My host family prepared amazing food and were always so considerate to the fact I am a vegetarian. They also provided many blankets because it is so cold at night, they are truly caring people.

Yes, I recommend

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