Brazilian Experience Review

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 4

Brazilian Experience is a great program with a well developed structure. Staff is always available for any need that may arise. My experience in Brazil was amazing. Initially, I did not want to go. It was required from my school. Going in, I imagined myself counting down the weeks until my return. I would say about 2 weeks in, at the most, I had a different perspective due to the culture. That includes the people. It is such a different lifestyle in some good and bad ways. The bad ways are not actually "bad". They make you develop new ethics that can only help you in your life. They either make you appreciate things more or allow you to become smarter in difficult situations. The best part of my Brazilian experience had to be the people that I met. They all contributed to my personal growth in individual ways. I met all different types of people. Some were family figures, friends, close friends, even adversaries. Once my stay was coming to an end, I knew that I had to go back one day and I still plan to.

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Yes, I would
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