Medicine - Projects Abroad

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

Volunteering with Projects Abroad has given me a new perspective on life! I traveled to Africa in 2017 and spent time in Ghana working in the medicine program. Projects Abroad's staff has made the transition very smooth and seamless with their detailed web pages and a great support team who answered all my questions and prepared me for my project.

I spent some invaluable time with my host family as they taught me about the culture in Ghana and day-to-day life here. Everyone was extremely friendly and working at the hospital proved to be the greatest experience of all. I got life changing hands on experience working at multiple wards and made solid long lasting connections with many of the doctors, nurses and staff. The leprosy camp outreaches gave me a chance to develop solid connections with the camp residents and learn their life stories.

On our free time, we traveled around the localities, historic landmarks, and eat local foods. I met people of all different ages, backgrounds and countries and have developed some strong bonding with them. Volunteering abroad teaches you to appreciate and be open minded about everyone and every culture, as it throws you out of your comfort zone.
It helps you build confidence, empathy and expands your mind to the greater beyond. Especially, in the medicine program it teaches you to cope with adverse environments and develops your patience to empathize with your patients.
But let's not forget, this entire journey is never walked alone, as the great management from both off and on-site staff of the Projects Abroad has laid out a solid road for me to complete my project.

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