"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others" Gandhi

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The greatest impact someone can have in someone else’s life is not giving them money but giving their time. People help people, just as iron sharpens iron; we too build others up to see their full potential. The Volunteer in Bali program is a one of the greatest ways to help someone who really needs it. The center is operated by the one of the greatest people on the island, who not only helps his fellow man but also loves the island he calls home. Ketut has a great heart and even better has a great will. He gives of his time, energy and resources to all the kids who basically have nothing. When I went to the center where I was going to teach I was in awe. The children run to you and hug you; their curiosity is wonderful as they want to get to know everything about you. I fell in love with my class because they were the best and smartest kids anyone can ask for. I then meet the family who runs a school out of there house, in the backyard! I couldn’t believe it simply because the idea of giving my home up to over 100 students so they can learn and play was strange to me but made complete sense. PutuKawi, Daysho, and Nova, are making an impact in these children’s lives. From the moment you step in the class you want to give your all for these kids. All these children come from all walks of life and the dedication of them all to go from school to the program to learn more is inspiring. I know as a child if you gave the option of more school I wouldn’t go, but the difference you can make in one child’s life makes you value everything you had. I know that the program is helping those in need and is doing so much more then teaching, they’re shaping the world and instilling in these kids morals and values that they will in turn take and give back to their community tenfold. As a volunteer it’s always what you put in is what you’ll get out. If you want to hang back and not contribute then unfortunately you may not get that smile from a child you helped, the kids won’t respond because you ignored them. If you’re going to serve, serve with a giving heart, make sure your mind and heart are in the right place. Being flexible also goes along way. Changes are always happening at yayasan, they’re always finding new ways to make an impact and if you can be flexible and open to finding new ways to improve then you will flourish here. I know the center is making a difference, some of these kids have little to nothing and the program helps them, not only with education, but teaching the kids how to save, how to serve their community, and how to become a difference maker in improving their island. Remember the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are. My favorite memories will be of dancing with the kids every week, and when the children of Pasraman Lascarya Paramaseva sing when you leave.

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Ketut and Nova,

Thank you for everything! im sorry it took so long to do this but i got caught up in being back. I love you guys with all my heart and I wish you nothing but blessing and success not only for you but for he children as well. Charlotte and i plan to return soon!
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