Fun and Fulfilling

Housing: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 9

My journey with the Leap was both eventful and enjoyable. The 6 weeks in Tanzania introduced me to a completely new culture. I learned many things, developed as a person and was glad to be part of the team. Every Leaper received more than adequate support from the Leap's project leaders and I can say that I will miss Tanzania far more than I expected.

I experienced so much. Whether it was sightseeing in the Masai Museum or the snake park adjacent, riding camels (almost got bitten by one of them!) or even taking a dip in the freezing cold Moshi waterfall - the fun never stopped. Relaxing at hot springs or being hypnotised by the breathtaking landscape of the Lake Manyara national park - these were once in a lifetime opportunities.

I most enjoyed building part of a school. But there were many more things to do such as teaching, painting or gardening. Seeing and most of all being able to help those children was more fulfilling than anything I had done before and I am happy I went. The legal aspect wasn't bad either. Seeing Tanzanian court proceedings and day-to-day life at a law firm were indeed interesting to say the least.

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