Amazing Experience!

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to travel with Projects Abroad to Tanzania this past summer. I have say that this program will definitely change your perspective on life.
I did the medicine in Tanzania High School Special, for volunteers between the ages of 16-19. I was the only 16 year old on my trip; most volunteers were 17 or 18. However, I really didn’t have trouble fitting in. As most did other volunteers, I came by myself. If you’re worried about coming by yourself, it really doesn’t make a difference whether you bring a friend or not because everyone wanted to meet new people and have a great time! As for the flight, I travelled from Canada to the Netherlands to Tanzania. It was my first time flying alone and getting around the airport was fairly simple. Knowing that the Projects Abroad support was available 24/7 really made me feel safe!
My accommodation was perfect! I stayed at the Haus. The family, the food, the beds and the rooms were way above the standards I had in mind! We became very close with Mama’s kids. One of her daughters was my age and it was extremely fascinating to have so much in common with a teenager across the world.
The culture shock was easily managed with the support of the other volunteers and our guides. The best part was definitely my project itself! It’s truly incredible how much knowledge I gained over two short weeks. Each day, we would have a workshop or a medical outreach. The workshops were very educational and we would be able to actually apply each workshop to our outreaches. For example, we had a workshop on first aid and then an outreach where we visited a school to teach teachers first aid. With Projects Abroad, I really felt like I was making a difference and that I was actually helping others. I definitely want to return to Tanzania as an adult volunteer (maybe even in Medicine!) when I’m older. I’m still in touch with the other volunteers on my trip and we hope to someday meet up! The experiences and the friendships you will take with you from Projects Abroad will really last a lifetime!

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