September 2017

Impact: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 6
Value: 6
Safety: 8

This Month was not a regular month at all to me, it started full of inthusiasm for the trip to India and become a bit harder when i had to face the loss of my beloved Grandmother on my 4th day of the program in India. and found no optio for support from the PMGY organization Unfortunately!
i staid for two weeks in the house with Vishy and his wonderful family, i volunteered in the medical program. as a 4th year medical student this experience was very enriching to me due to the fact that i was able to explore a totaly different medical system and therapy methods.
The experience in the slum clinics, dispensary, medical camp and differet clinics has tought me many meaningful lessons and will accompany me through all my years in the medical feild.
other than that, i had real good time spent with my fellow volunteers in the orphanages with the amazing kids staying there. and had enough time on the weekends to travel thanks to the help of Vishy, i cannot find the words to describe this person ! inlimited kindness and a huge heart whom is willing to help in everything needed, my visit would have been much harder without Vishys help.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed
Private Note to Provider (optional)
-Better orientation and welcoming, my first night was a total shock to me as i arrived really late at night to the volunteers house.
-Add a PMGY sign to the volunteers house to ease the first shock when arriving.
- Make a weekly Schedule for the volunteers so that each group will know the plans for the next days in the project
- Medical project should be for volunteers with a previous medical experience and not for everyone (this will make the work more efficient, most of the days youll find 3-4 people sitting in the same clinic and theres not much to do)
- choose procedures and surgeries only with doctors who are interested in volunteers accompany and giving explanations in order to make it a valuable lesson.