Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in India from $330
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Plan My Gap Year - Volunteer in India from $330

PMGY offers 2-week to 6-month volunteering opportunities in India’s captivating capital city of Delhi. Volunteers get involved in a wide-range of project work including English teaching, orphanage care, medical electives, women empowerment initiatives and working with special needs children.

Our programs in Delhi run throughout the year. We have two start dates every month so you decide when you go and how long you go for.

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- Accommodation
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- Airport Pickup
- 24/7 in-country support
- In-country orientation course
- Volunteer Handbook
- Full Financial Protection
- And of course PMGY’s round the clock UK support service – It’s what we’re famous for!

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I took part in the medical program in India Summer 2017 for two weeks. This was one of the most rewarding, jam packed two weeks of my life! Firstly, I was thoroughly impressed with the breadth of activities available for you. A typical day consisted of a 9 am start in either the hospital, slum clinic or dispensary. I was able to learn and reinforce basic medical examinations and I found scrubbing into surgery very useful as I experienced first hand how a busy hospital is run in a developing country. Then in the evening you could explore the local town or volunteer in the orphanage or disable school, which I particularly looked forward to.
You are well looked after by Vishi, Kranti and the family with three cooked meals a day. The volunteering housing facility is equipped as well as can be for the extremely warm climate, with a fan in each room.
On the weekend you have the opportunity to visit different cities which I organised myself. I visited the beautiful Amritsar, which was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

Thank you to everyone out there who made my experience a thoroughly rewarding one!

How can this program be improved?

- Perhaps have a chaperone in the hospital visits as the language barrier made it difficult to communicate in the busy hospital with doctors.
- Weekend trips could be better supervised, with a more reliable point of contact.

Yes, I recommend

Wonderful experience!

James and I decided to start our gap year volunteering in India, and we chose this program to do so. The choice was the best we could have made.
On arrival, we couldn’t find any wifi, but as they told us, there was a driver waiting for us that drove us to the accommodation. Our place was fine, sharing with other volunteers. It had a rooftop to chill out.
We taught in the slums school in the mornings and helped in the orphanage in the afternoons. During our month of volunteering we really developed a close relationship with those amazing kids. Sometimes we think that we learnt more about them than we did from them. We really encourage other people to try the same. Give them your best and you won’t be disappointed. Those kids are great!
Thank you for everything!

How can this program be improved?

Although it is a volunteering, the program could offer different kind of activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes (or just help in the kitchen) that could introduce the volunteers in the indian culture

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable experience

I spent two weeks in India and had the best time of my life. The whole experience from beginning to end was something I will never forget. It was VERY hot whilst I was there but although in the beginning it felt unbearable i quickly got used to it and missed it as soon as i got home.

The program is well organised and motivated by care and with great understanding.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to visit india and experience the culture.

Sarah x

Yes, I recommend

September 2017

This Month was not a regular month at all to me, it started full of inthusiasm for the trip to India and become a bit harder when i had to face the loss of my beloved Grandmother on my 4th day of the program in India. and found no optio for support from the PMGY organization Unfortunately!
i staid for two weeks in the house with Vishy and his wonderful family, i volunteered in the medical program. as a 4th year medical student this experience was very enriching to me due to the fact that i was able to explore a totaly different medical system and therapy methods.
The experience in the slum clinics, dispensary, medical camp and differet clinics has tought me many meaningful lessons and will accompany me through all my years in the medical feild.
other than that, i had real good time spent with my fellow volunteers in the orphanages with the amazing kids staying there. and had enough time on the weekends to travel thanks to the help of Vishy, i cannot find the words to describe this person ! inlimited kindness and a huge heart whom is willing to help in everything needed, my visit would have been much harder without Vishys help.

How can this program be improved?

-Better orientation and welcoming, my first night was a total shock to me as i arrived really late at night to the volunteers house.
-Add a PMGY sign to the volunteers house to ease the first shock when arriving.
- Make a weekly Schedule for the volunteers so that each group will know the plans for the next days in the project
- Medical project should be for volunteers with a previous medical experience and not for everyone (this will make the work more efficient, most of the days youll find 3-4 people sitting in the same clinic and theres not much to do)
- choose procedures and surgeries only with doctors who are interested in volunteers accompany and giving explanations in order to make it a valuable lesson.

Yes, I recommend
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Best month ever

I spent just under a month in Faridabad with Vishy and his family and couldn't have asked for a better experience. They were amazing and helped us out with anything we needed (including booking all our weekend trips) and made us all feel completely safe! The accommodation in Faridabad was lovely and clean and there was different foods to try every day! You're only an hour away from Delhi on the metro, making it easy to spend evenings out if you wanted to! The support team in the UK were amazing, too, and answered any questions I had really quickly! I did the women empowerment programme which I loved and all the women there were so welcoming!! I'd recommend the programme to anyone!

The only advice I'd give to future volunteers is just to keep an open mind; India can be a little overwhelming at times (the heat, how busy it is etc) but it's the most amazing place I've visited!

Can't recommend PMGY and the projects in India enough!

Yes, I recommend
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Women's Empowerment Project

I spent three weeks volunteering with the Women's Empowerment Project in Faridabad and it was spectactular.
The coordinator Vishy was fantastic at making sure you felt comfortable, helping organise weekends trips, changing your money. He knew everything and was always willing to help, just swing him a WhatsApp!
Going to the slum school everyday was also a great learning curve. I spent time with the sewing business set up by Vishy wife, Kranti.
Unfortunately the women's empowerment project itself wasn't quite what I was expecting. It was only three afternoons a week and was predominantly teaching English to the few girls that turned up. However, in my last week we changed the Project around so volunteers would visit the girls polytechnics school- much better!
I definitely wouldn't go for any less than three weeks if you want the true, Indian experience. Definitely worth it, go whilst you can.

How can this program be improved?

The women's empowerment project was changed and developed at the end of my stay so should be much improved. Continue to make sure that other projects aren't left behind. The medical project was so busy that although Vishy tried his hardest, it meant that those doing the other projects didn't have nearly as much set up.

Yes, I recommend
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Can't recommend this enough!

Had the best time in India for 6 weeks! I felt really helpful within the teaching programme, and loved joining in with the woman's empowerment when I could! Vishy is one of the nicest people ever and so incredibly helpful booking so many of our trips for us. Anything you need he can help you out. The only thing I noticed is that the medical programme came become a little crowded at peak times, but as Vishy is opening up new clinics I think this problem will soon be resolved. Prepare yourselves for a massively rewarding and 100% authentic Indian experience! Best time ever.

Yes, I recommend
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pmgy india

Volunteered in india for 2 weeks. Was one of the best life time experiences and would love to do it again. Worked as a clinical volunteer which also included work in the orphanage and the slum school. Visited many hospitals and also had the chance to watch surgeries and assist in providing health check ups for the public. Also had the chance to visit many beautiful attractions such as the taj mahal and other beautiful places in Delhi and jaipur. This experience had a positive impact on my life as I got to learn so much about the different cultures and beliefs and this experience helped me get a hospital placement in london.☺

How can this program be improved?

Enjoyed the programme so much. Can't think of any improvements

Yes, I recommend
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Had a wonderful 2 and a half months this year in Faridabad. Vishy and his family were so accommodating and willing to help with anything whilst the projects themselves were interesting and enjoyable.
Weekends were completely flexible also meaning it was easy to travel around if you wished.

The only issue I may have raised would be it can be overcrowded within certain projects at times but Vishy tried his ultimate best to make sure this didn't become an issue.

Yes, I recommend
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I had a wonderful and precious time in Faridabad. It was the opportunity to know the culture and the environment in India.

I am a nursing student in Japan. I was studying English during this year in Sydney because I want to work in developing countries as a nurse in the future and I need to improve my English skills. The purpose of this volunteer was to know how the area where the project has conducted is, to know whether I can adapt such an environment and to apply to my English skills.

One of the most surprising aspects in India was the low level of hygiene. Although I searched the environment in India before I came, it was more terrible than I expected. In particularly, I realised that the situation in a hospital was not good even though I knew this is because of the lack of money. On the other hand, in a slum school, children wash their hands before the lunch time. I was admired this custom.

In terms of the communication between participants, which is one of my goals, it was hard for me to have a good relationship with them. At the beginning of the project, I tended to stay in a room after the project because I felt a bit nervous and I couldn't understand their conversation. But they were very kind and attractive girls so I could gradually get along with them. Indeed, I miss them now.

As a result, I could get great experience through this volunteer. I really appreciate Vishav and his family to organise everything for the project. In addition, I met a lot of people in Faridabad and wonderful members. I will not definitely forget this experience and I would like to visit India again.

Yes, I recommend
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5 weeks in India

I stayed in India for 5 weeks and was able to travel around India including Mumbai, Varanasi, Dharmsala and Rishikesh, as well as making the most of my time volunteering in Delhi. I was able to see all of the main attractions in Delhi during the week as the metro system is great. We also had a few good nights out in Delhi.
The family we stayed with were very helpful and generous and I received support before and during my trip. I would definitely recommend it as a first travelling experience.

Yes, I recommend
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Faridibad 2016

I went to India with PMGY few weeks ago and it was one of the best experiences I have done. The accommodation and the people there was great and I hope to go abroad with PMGY again over the coming years. I would thoroughly recommend any thinking of going abroad to do it with PMGY, not only can enjoy the travels of your destination but have the satisfaction of helping others as well.

I had the best time ever in India, and I would do it all over again. Hopefully I will do many other trips with PlanMyGapYear.

Yes, I recommend
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Faridabad 2016

I spent 4 weeks teaching in India with PMGY. Before I left the support and guidance I received from Josh was very good. He was very swift with his responses to any questions, queries or worries I had. When I arrived the country was nothing what I expected as it is totally different to the UK but the accommodation was very good (a lot better than what I was expecting). The food in the accommodation was also good- a lot of Indian food though but still very good. The project was amazing. I really felt I was making a difference when I was with the children and the kids were so welcoming and so willing to learn. The whole project is also incredibly flexible so if you wanted to do teaching with different age groups then that was organised for you or if you wanted to do some work with the women's empowerment then you could do that. The project works with you and it is so easy to change to make you happy so that you can make a real difference. There was also enough free time for me to explore such an amazing country and I would definitely recommend the golden triangle trip- seeing the Taj Mahal is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and Jaipur is a beautiful trip. The trip is very well organised and gives you the opportunity to see parts of the cities with your guides which you wouldn't get if you decided to just go by yourself.
Thanks PMGY for an amazing trip

Yes, I recommend


I spent 3 weeks in Faridabad in India doing the medical volunteer programme. From booking the trip, I had support whenever I needed it and exchanged lots of emails with pmgy coordinators and staff. Vishy and his family at the volunteer house were lovely and Vishy knows everyone so can arrange pretty much anything you want to do! The programme itself was great and even though I had no previous medical experience before I went out, I got to try loads of different practical things and learn lots at the same time, I'd definitely recommend this programme to young people like me looking to get some experience before going off to uni. For me, 3 weeks wasn't enough but the time I had was the best experience of my life and I would definitely go through plan my gap year again.

Yes, I recommend

Cultural immersion like no other

Spending four weeks with PMGY in India felt more like a lifetime on another planet. We spent a month divided between the Delhi and the Kerala regions, volunteering for a week in orphanages in each location. It was evident that we made an impression on the children and brightened up their every day, but we were also able to make a lasting impact on the school - helping to paint and refurbish. After a week of volunteering, we spent 7 days travelling around the region, seeing the Taj Mahal, Jaipur's Red Fort and the mountains of Kerela amongst other beautiful sights.

Being in a culture so different to our own and removed from the comfortable security of home was a cultural shock; but I am very grateful to the hosts at PMGY for giving us such raw exposure to India at both the most decadent and dire extremes. We were supported all the way by staff who grew up and lived around the accommodation, so I can recommend this to both experienced and first time travellers alike!

Yes, I recommend

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