Law & Human Rights, Córdoba, Argentina

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I spent a month in Córdoba, Argentina volunteering in Project Abroad's Law and Human Rights program, and it was such an enriching experience! I had always wanted to travel abroad while at university, but my class and extra-curricular schedule did not make it possible. Spending a summer with Projects Abroad (PA) was a great alternative. The Law and Human Rights program gives you great exposure to human rights at the grass roots level, and living and working in Argentina really helped me to improve my Spanish. As a Political Science and Spanish major, this project was the perfect combination for me. I learned so much about the political struggles in Argentina and also feel like such a stronger Spanish speaker now!

My host family was so kind and caring. My home was comfortable and safe, and my host family was experienced with hosting volunteers. The program directors at Projects Abroad (PA) went above and beyond to make sure I was safe and knowledgable about how to get around and what was expected of me. Work was fun but still educational, and I felt that my time there did help the vulnerable populations we got to work with. The Human Rights project taught me a lot about the human rights challenge, but it also taught me a lot about compassion and humility. Weekly volunteer social events help you to make friends with other volunteers, learn about the city, and experience Argentinian culture in a non-touristy way. By the end of my month in Argentina, I could get around the city on my own with no problem. PA is also great in that its volunteers come from all over the world. I got to make friends with people from England, Italy, Canada... It enhances the cultural experience even more!

I gained a lot from my time with PA and found my trip was so worth it. I also felt safe and taken care of. I would highly recommend this program, especially to college students looking to go abroad!

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