Parent review volunteering with Give a Fig in Sri Lanka

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It is quite hard to help your child decide what to do during the holidays. We were keen to find a worthwhile volunteering experience for 4-6 weeks, and it did feel a bit like a jump in the dark.

After a lot of internet searching and asking lots of questions of knowledgable friends and acquaintances, we decided that Give A Fig would be the one. Our main concerns were to find something which would be safe for our daughter. We wanted it to be educational for her whilst allowing her an opportunity to make a difference to the pupils she was helping.

Paul and Jane were so welcoming and amazingly selfless and they certainly seem to have found a great balance of helping the community while also providing a cultural immersion for their volunteers. They also made it very easy to obtain a visa by completing all the paperwork for us to take to the Embassy.

I highly recommend Give a Fig to any parent of late teens/early 20s who want to volunteer.

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