Adelante Abroad: Madrid Summer 2017

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This summer I was in Madrid for my one-month internship, working at an English summer day camp for children aged 4-16. My experience in Madrid was a very positive one!

In terms of accommodation, the apartment was nice and considering there were 6 people living there it was actually surprisingly spacious! I didn't get to meet a lot of my flatmates because we all had internships during the day, and other things to do so we didn't see each other that often (and I was also only there for one month), but the people I met were great and I'm planning to see them in the future! The apartment was also right in the centre, in Sol, so getting both to the Eureka Spanish Academy and work (and even the airport!) was very straightforward and the metro in Madrid works amazingly. Overall, the apartment gave me the freedom of my own room with the possibility of still socialising with others which is the perfect mix!

The classes offered at Eureka were one of the highlights of my trip! The teachers were absolutely phenomenal and in such a short space of time, my Spanish improved significantly! The people attending the classes changed more or less every week, with new people arriving and others leaving from all across the globe. It was wonderful meeting all of those people and it was sad when we had to say our goodbyes.

As for my internship, being there for one month, I only had the option to teach English, which isn't related to my future career plans per se but was none the less a magnificent experience! It was my first time ever interning, and I was also in a foreign country, but the company I worked with was fantastic! The staff were very welcoming and friendly, and by the end of the first week I had already gotten the hang of how the day camp was run. The children were adorable and they definitely put a smile on my face that I carried with me for the rest of the day! Though I was nervous at first, the final experience was 100% worth it!

As for the city, well Madrid is just beautiful! It can't be expressed it words really, you simply have to try it out for yourself!

What would you improve about this program?
If there is anything that could be improved it would be the one-month option of teaching English. It would have been better if I had gotten a chance to do something related to my future career choice but I understand that for just one month it is hard to find an internship, especially if, like in my case, I hadn't had any previous working experience.

A paid-for taxi for the return flight would have been nice, as there is a paid for one on arrival, but the metro worked fine nonetheless.

Lastly, the program is a bit on the expensive side, especially for an internship seeing as you're not getting paid, but for what the program offered I can understand that the money went to good use. It's just that a little cheaper would have been better.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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Internship at the English Day Camp
Eureka Spanish Academy

Provider Response

Hi Marta! Thank you so much for your review. We are happy to hear that you had a wonderful time in Madrid. Yes, although we do offer the 1-month internship for Teaching English only, we do encourage our candidates to intern abroad for longer because most companies prefer to have interns for more than a couple of weeks. Staying abroad for 2 months or more is ideal for our candidates to gain experience related to their career as well as gaining more fluency in Spanish.

You mentioned the pricing as really the only negative here; all of our pricing is upfront on our website with no hidden fees, so it's really easy to shop and compare and see that we're the most economical in the market.

On top of our affordable pricing, we give our Alumni candidates a considerable discount when they return for a second internship with us. Perhaps that will be an option for you in the future when you are able to participate a little longer.

We have new data that shows as you "unpack" your experience, you have learned more than you realize and have gained an international skill set not possible if you hadn't ventured abroad with us. Check out the new "Guided Reflection Exercises" section on our website. Thank you once again for leaving such a great review. Good luck in all future endeavors - Team Adelante!