6 Month Internship in Sevilla

Growth: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Housing: 6
Safety: 10

I've just returned to Trinidad and Tobago after my 6 month internship in Sevilla. I wish I could hop on a plane in the morning and head right back! That's how amazing my experience was. I'll begin with my Adelante team who facilitated my internship. They were awesome, checking up frequently to make sure everything was as it should be, I’d say on a month to month basis. On arrival, I met my Program Coordinator at SIGE. From the first day we met at her office to the very morning I left, I can say my stay would not have been the same without her warm and loving nature. I never felt like a fish out of water once, as she offered much support over the 6 months during every twist and turn. My first placement lasted all of two weeks; however, my program coordinator soon found a suitable match, surprisingly a charming little museum we both visited by chance on the first day we met. In the first two weeks SIGE arranged tours of Sevilla and a two week intense Spanish Course before I began my internship, unfortunately, I did not pick up much more of the language as my second Internship was in English, and I had only been studying Spanish for 2/3 months prior to leaving Trinidad. I did however get by just fine with the basics. The people of Sevilla are extremely spirited and generous, and their strong vibrant culture is like none other. I was able to look on at the Semana Santa street processions during the Easter and take part in the Feria de Abril de Sevilla, its biggest festival, such good times and amazing memories. I can’t speak about Sevilla without mentioning two things 1) how simply beautiful it is, from its cobble stone narrow streets, to its brilliant monuments, palaces and cathedrals, to the large river separating Sevilla and Triana, just stunning! 2) How extremely hot the summer months are. If you don’t like the heat, perhaps choose to go to Sevilla in the cooler months. July/August months are tough! Somehow by a miracle I was able to make it through the heat. My second Art internship in Museum and Cultural Management was a perfect match. The president of the Museum/Foundation and her husband were the best hosts and I learnt quite a lot during my time. I used my weekends and days off to travel, which enhanced my experience even more. My apartment was a 5 to 10 minute walk from everything including the bus, metro, restaurants/bars, the grocery, the mall and even a night club (if you are into that sort of thing) and I never once felt unsafe. All in all I will highly recommend your first or next Internship to be done in Sevilla. All the best guys!

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