study abroad ormskirk with grand valley summer term

Academics: 4
Support: 4
Fun: 4
Housing: 3
Safety: 4

edge hill is an approachable, friendly school in a rural setting. it's a great base to explore other regions of the uk and offers a serene atmosphere. the grand valley program offered classes from the stateside university housed within the ormskirk campus so our experience with academics a edge hill was limited. granted, a few of the buildings were heavily used by students, like the dance/bar/laundry space and the international dorms, but, hey, it's a college replete with students living on their own for the first time. especially conducive to studying were several nooks within buildings that offered quietude. this is a fine place to actually connect with other students as it generally is a slower-paced, relaxed campus environment. transportation to the town of ormskirk itself from campus proper is no problem, and it is a sweet, easy train ride away to liverpool. i felt very safe on campus and generally amidst open-minded individuals.

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Yes, I would
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