By Edge Hill University   Reviews (2)   100% Rating

Study Abroad at Edge Hill University, England

By Edge Hill University   Reviews (2)   100% Rating

The Study Abroad Programme at Edge Hill University is a short programme for students who wish to study in the UK at the University for one or two semesters at Undergraduate level. Our Study Abroad program is open to students who are currently enrolled in university programs. Students will remain enrolled at their home institution and will achieve UK credits at the end of their studies to transfer to their home institution degree programme.

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Program Reviews (2)

22 years old
Boonville IN
Indiana State University

Edge Hill Fun

Overall 10

When I studied abroad, my plan was to travel everywhere I could reasonably get to over a weekend, but it turns out, you don't have to go very far to fall in love with the area. I remember walking from Edge Hill to Ormskirk and then trying a new path to get back. We ended up somewhere different entirely, but it was so fun! We saw lots of interesting scenery and monuments. One of my first weekends there, we took a trip with the school to Wales to see Conwy and climb in the castle. It was one of the coolest experiences because the culture was so lighthearted and historic. I also loved my trip to Ireland which is so much easier to get to from Manchester.
One thing I particularly loved about the school was how great the staff was. My favorite memories might have been on castles or at the beach, but I loved the people I met too. Jan was the housekeeper in my dorm. She was around pretty much every day and everyone loved her. She was the resident "mom" who gave us advice about places to go and things to do along with hearing stories of homesickness and sharing her own travel tales. I spoke with her almost every morning before and after my classes. She really made the experience feel homey and special.
Manchester's Christmas Market was a great experience too. The school took us there also and we spent hours walking around the booths surrounding the biggest cathedral I've ever seen. But the best place we went was Liverpool. It was such a quick train ride from where we were, that we went almost every other weekend. The city is a place you'll fall in love with easily, and I left a bit of myself there. There was always music playing from a street performer or a show to jump in and watch. The best food was in Liverpool!
Every day was a new experience, and the people we met took away the distance and made us feel at home. It is certainly an experience I would repeat in a heartbeat!

How can this program be improved?
Better housing is definitely needed. I saw the newer dorms, and they were awesome, but we were put in older dorms which didn't compare at all. The bathrooms were small and shared by too many. In addition, I felt like the food plan was sparse. Either a better food plan is needed, or more warning about food options is required.
24 years old
Terre Haute, Indiana

Best Semester of my Life!

Overall 10

In the Spring of 2013, I studied abroad for a full semester at Edge Hill University. I had an amazing experience, not only academically but culturally as well. I took four classes in English and Communications: Reading the World and the Business of Writing, Writing Short Stories, Media Writing, and Reading a Film. I got to meet amazing people, not only with the British students in my dorm, but with the students in my classes as well. Living in a dorm with other British students gave me an opportunity to interact with students on a one-on-one level through different dorm events and on campus activities. I got a chance to travel to different places as well, through my spare time on the weekends and during Easter Vacation. I traveled to almost 10 different countries which was another great cultural experience. I highly recommend Edge Hill for those who want a great academic and cultural experience.

About The Provider

Edge Hill University is located in the 12th century market town of Ormskirk, England close to bustling cities of Liverpool, and Manchester. We have been welcoming international students to our university for many years, especially during the months of July and August when we offer a range of Summer Programmes. These programmes give you the opportunity to learn and experience the culture and history of the UK.

Edge Hill University was awarded University of the Year for 2014/15, by the Times Higher Education. The award recognised its outstanding achievements in student satisfaction, staff engagement, graduate employment and innovation as well as its strengthening research profile, investment and growth. Edge Hill University also had the safest campus in the North West of England for the fourth consecutive year.

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Study Abroad at Edge Hill University, England

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