Study Abroad at Edge Hill University, England, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad at Edge Hill University, England, United Kingdom

The Study Abroad Programme at Edge Hill is a short programme for students who wish to study for one or two semesters. Our team are here to support you during your studies and to help make your study abroad experience one you will never forget.

Located in Ormskirk, an historic market town in the North West of England, we are ideally located for you to explore the rest of the UK and Europe.

A short train journey will see you in the very lovable City of Liverpool – home of 'The Beatles'. With its unique attractions, world class sport offerings, unrivalled musical heritage and it’s famously warm welcomes Liverpool is a great place to visit.

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For the Fall 2017 semester, you will be paying $11,400 (USD). The Spring 2018 semester will cost $275 (USD) more due to the extra weeks that will be spent on campus. The total cost for the Spring 2018 semester is $11,675 (USD).

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study abroad ormskirk with grand valley summer term

edge hill is an approachable, friendly school in a rural setting. it's a great base to explore other regions of the uk and offers a serene atmosphere. the grand valley program offered classes from the stateside university housed within the ormskirk campus so our experience with academics a edge hill was limited. granted, a few of the buildings were heavily used by students, like the dance/bar/laundry space and the international dorms, but, hey, it's a college replete with students living on their own for the first time. especially conducive to studying were several nooks within buildings that offered quietude. this is a fine place to actually connect with other students as it generally is a slower-paced, relaxed campus environment. transportation to the town of ormskirk itself from campus proper is no problem, and it is a sweet, easy train ride away to liverpool. i felt very safe on campus and generally amidst open-minded individuals.

Yes, I recommend
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Living the Northern Life

This experience changed my life. When deciding to study abroad I was looking for an English-speaking country and preferred British culture, so I was satisfied with my decision to study abroad for a semester at Edge Hill University. Little did I know that the accent would be so tricky to comprehend at first, but I believe that I truly experienced the northern way of British life. The community is so welcoming and I loved getting to know my classmates and other students. Everyone was willing to lend me a hand when I needed help. After traveling to a few other cities around England, and London a great deal of times, I believe that Northwest England is its own kind. The people are so amazing, the culture is there, and it's where you can really dive into British customs. You can't get all this in the more "international" cities like London. Ormskirk is such a great town to be a part of and I cannot wait to return.

How can this program be improved?

improved accommodation and noise level at night

Yes, I recommend

My Edge Hill University

Before coming to Edge Hill University I had three different objectives to achieve during my Erasmus programme:
1. Meet people around the world.
2. Improve my English skills.
3. Learn new things about my degree (Sports Science).
Now that my experiences came to an end, I can secure you that all of the objectives have been achieved perfectly.
During my eight months at the University I’ve met people from all over the world (China, Europe and USA). The best thing is that some of them are now part of closer friends and family. I learnt a lot of things thanks to the interaction with them such as new cultures, dances or even different ways to see life. Thanks to these interactions my English skills have been improving day after day. I know that there are still a lot of mistakes to correct, but I’m confident of myself. I know that I can go to a foreign country, where English is the main language, and survive perfectly.
Finally, Edge Hill provided me with amazing installations and equipments which I could use during the year to complement my knowledge. The lessons are quite interesting, but due to the difference between England’s student plan and Spanish’s student plans, I have studied some stuff that I already did back at home, but this is not a real problem, so, it has been a good way to revise my notes.
Doing my Erasmus at Edge Hill University has been one of my best choices in life.
I want to conclude my review by saying thank you to all the staff from both International Offices, from Edge Hill University and Universitat de Vic for giving me the chance to live this. I’m very grateful.

How can this program be improved?

I would like to propose a few things to improve the programme:
1. England is a huge country and it would be nice to have make some trips organised by the International Office. It would make it easier for the foreign students to know and connect with the new country.
2. Let students know that classes finish at the end at beginning/middle of May and that the accommodation contract expires in the middle of June. It is an important point for us as we get in trouble.

Yes, I recommend
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My top Education Place so far

When I first arrived to Edge Hill University as an Erasmus Student, first thing which surprised me was campus itself. Huge modern campus, providing all the facilities, which students need. Student life is really important to me and that's why I like Edge Hill. Not only we have fancy accommodation, built in modern style, providing our own en-suite bathrooms but we also can spend time in Students Union Bar, which has lots of events going on. The level of education is high and my tutors are always happy to help. As a Music Production student I am also satisfied with the equipment of my department. I transeferred to Edge Hill University because I believe it will provide me better education, than my home university.

Yes, I recommend
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Edge Hill University Review

When I applied for the Erasmus+ program. the only university offered was Edge Hill University. However, after having spent almost a year here, I would choose Edge Hill even in a list of universities.
The courses provided me with a challenge that kept me busy and satisfied my need to work and study in fast paced environments but the tutors where always willing to help me out and ease me in on a very different type of studies.
The staff were more than happy to help me out and answer any questions which is really important to someone coming from another country.
Overall the experience has exceeded my expectations and I have applied -and been accepted- to continue my studies here net year as a full time student.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Best experience abroad!

I like Edge Hill so much! I enjoyed to make so many new friends from all around the world! I love universities' installations it is really big and pretty!
people from international office are really supportive and flexible and always willing to make you feel at home!
I never was homesick since I got here, I always felt like at home!
my classes were good and I learned a lot about the british culture and also from other cultures. as I study marketing this is really helpful for my career to know things about all cultures and to open my mind to what is happening all around the world!
I'm really sad to leave but I know that the friends that I've made here are going to be forever and I can always keep in touch with them!
I would definitely come back to Edge Hill!!

How can this program be improved?

if classes were more than once a week if would be better I think, because sometines it was a lot of free time

Yes, I recommend
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Home Away from Home

I studied at Edge Hill for the spring semester in 2017, and I had the time of my life. I had not been expecting to travel nearly as much as I did or make such wonderful friends. Everyone was super nice which helped the "settling in" part much easier. I even had fun in my classes the tutors were very helpful with getting me set up and helping catch up with what was going on in the classes (consequences of starting in the middle of the year).

Yes, I recommend
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American Girl to World Traveler

My experice aborad was a wonderful experience. If your going to study aborad in england make sure to open account here. Its so much with money and saving money because you don't have to deal with the exchange rate. More importantly be prepare to not understand anyone, even though their speaking the same langugse as you. Because the dialet is really that thick here. Having a open mind about food and try as much as possbile. Go, see, plan a lots of trips in europe and in the UK. Don't be fool by the "the UK is a small country" because there's lets to do and see, especailly as their three countries in to one. Be prepare to party hard and a lot. Not to be scare to be open and meet new people. Don't just hang around people from the same country/school as you. Make some friends with some brits because they'll be your biggest help to making you feel at home. My experience was so great that I'm planning to come for my master.

How can this program be improved?

There's nothing that I would change

Yes, I recommend
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Ramiro Alfonso

Mexican at UK!!

Im a international student that cames from Mexico to Edge HIll University, and when I was in Edge Hill University I decied to extend my experience to a full year, my original plan was just a semester but after what I experienced I decide to stay a full year. At the beggining I was so nervous because I would be in a new country and a totally different culture from mine, and I really thought that language barrier would be a huge problem for my experience. I was excited at the same time because it was the first time I would live by myself outside my country and been totally alone.

The first people I met was the international office Staff, and I could only say good thing about them specially, Bill, John, Dan and Brad, since the very first day they made me felt welcome, during my whole experience they care a lot for my issues and how my experience was so far. I can not express how thankful I am to them, I will always remmember them as the amazing and kind people they are. They play an important role in my experience here, not only in academic things, because they were important in the way I was addapting to the whole university. The tours they provide let me know the campus, the halls, the town, and all the activities that helps the students to know each other.

Finally, the most important part of my experience, and the main reason I choosed to stay a whole year rather than just a simply semester, it was all my friends here. The people I met here are more than just amazing, they are people that only in this kind of experience you could met, I just could called them as my family, and the most amazing part is all of us are form very different parts, and university from all aorund the globe.

Edge Hill is like a house in which students from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Mexico, Czech Republic, Greece, USA could live toghether. They show me that the language barrier would never exist in a University like Edge Hill, because here is a place where the people really want to know you. The parties, travels and experience are part of my life now, and I could say my life is not the same thanks to this University. I would not change my decision if I could have to choose it again. The last thing I could say is that Im very thankfull for having this experience. For me life is made of miracles, and been in Edge Hill was exactly that.

How can this program be improved?

If possible the trips as the one made to Wales is an excelent experience to integrate the international students, and activities to made the international students could have an opportunity to knew people from UK would increase the experience here.

Yes, I recommend
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From Mallorca to Edge Hill

I don't want writ a very long post. with this post I'm trying to give explain my experience here in Edge Hill University. A Experience which started on September with a very bad level of English and get amazing by the time. I can say amazing for the people from different countries that I met, very amazing histories that we created all together (parties, dinners, trips...), also new sports that I could join that I have never thought to join before, etc..
As I wrote on the top I don't want to have a longer post, so basically I just want to say that it was one of my best experience that I have ever made in my live and its something that I want to recommend to everybody.

How can this program be improved?

In my opinion one thing that I missed In this experience was had more contact with the British people, but I already known that it depends of the person, not to the program.

Yes, I recommend
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International Party

I still remember the first time I saw the main hall on Edge Hill's campus, and the last time I walked out those doors. The time in between those memories seem like only an instance, but it was one of the best semesters of my life. I was nervous when I first arrived because I was in a new country where I knew absolutely no one. I quickly learned how warm and inviting all of the staff of the International office are as they gave a tour of campus, local community of Ormskirk, and most importantly the Back Halls where I lived while I was at Edge Hill University. The Backhalls was my home away from home. My hall custodial staff member, Gill was like my mother who always made sure I had everything I needed, and an ear to listen if I needed to talk. All of my hallmates quickly became like my family. We had dinners together, studied together, and travelled far and wide to new locations together. The friends I made at Edge Hill University and I share a common bond that I share with no one else. We all arrived as complete strangers, but left as family. Luckily technology allows for us to remain in touch, and many of us have even travelled to each others' home countries. After I returned from an experience of a lifetime, I wasn't sure what else was left for me to do. From the new found confidence, I decided to apply to different graduate schools. Currently, I am studying Occupational Therapy at Arkansas State University, and I cannot thank everyone I met on my journey enough for the lessons they have taught me about myself and what an amazing impact they have had and continue to have on my life.

How can this program be improved?

I wish that I would have been able to study for the entire year rather than just a semester. The Backhalls were older and smaller, but that was part of the charm and I believe added to the experience.

Yes, I recommend
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First Timer!

Before I decided on Edge Hill University, I was scared to go abroad. I had never gone away from home, and going to a new country for school seemed terrifying. My adviser at my home university told me about Edge Hill, and assured me that it was a true home away from home. After arriving, while still nervous, I was excited to meet people and expand my cultural awareness. Sooner than I could have anticipated, I had a new family in my hall. We did nearly everything together, American students, British students, and other international students alike. It has nearly been three years since my study abroad, and I still am close with those that I met on my trip. I am so thankful for Edge Hill University, with advisers who encouraged us to conquer our fears and learn more about the world, and ultimately ourselves.

Yes, I recommend
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Edge Hill Fun

When I studied abroad, my plan was to travel everywhere I could reasonably get to over a weekend, but it turns out, you don't have to go very far to fall in love with the area. I remember walking from Edge Hill to Ormskirk and then trying a new path to get back. We ended up somewhere different entirely, but it was so fun! We saw lots of interesting scenery and monuments. One of my first weekends there, we took a trip with the school to Wales to see Conwy and climb in the castle. It was one of the coolest experiences because the culture was so lighthearted and historic. I also loved my trip to Ireland which is so much easier to get to from Manchester.
One thing I particularly loved about the school was how great the staff was. My favorite memories might have been on castles or at the beach, but I loved the people I met too. Jan was the housekeeper in my dorm. She was around pretty much every day and everyone loved her. She was the resident "mom" who gave us advice about places to go and things to do along with hearing stories of homesickness and sharing her own travel tales. I spoke with her almost every morning before and after my classes. She really made the experience feel homey and special.
Manchester's Christmas Market was a great experience too. The school took us there also and we spent hours walking around the booths surrounding the biggest cathedral I've ever seen. But the best place we went was Liverpool. It was such a quick train ride from where we were, that we went almost every other weekend. The city is a place you'll fall in love with easily, and I left a bit of myself there. There was always music playing from a street performer or a show to jump in and watch. The best food was in Liverpool!
Every day was a new experience, and the people we met took away the distance and made us feel at home. It is certainly an experience I would repeat in a heartbeat!

How can this program be improved?

Better housing is definitely needed. I saw the newer dorms, and they were awesome, but we were put in older dorms which didn't compare at all. The bathrooms were small and shared by too many. In addition, I felt like the food plan was sparse. Either a better food plan is needed, or more warning about food options is required.

Yes, I recommend

Best Semester of my Life!

In the Spring of 2013, I studied abroad for a full semester at Edge Hill University. I had an amazing experience, not only academically but culturally as well. I took four classes in English and Communications: Reading the World and the Business of Writing, Writing Short Stories, Media Writing, and Reading a Film. I got to meet amazing people, not only with the British students in my dorm, but with the students in my classes as well. Living in a dorm with other British students gave me an opportunity to interact with students on a one-on-one level through different dorm events and on campus activities. I got a chance to travel to different places as well, through my spare time on the weekends and during Easter Vacation. I traveled to almost 10 different countries which was another great cultural experience. I highly recommend Edge Hill for those who want a great academic and cultural experience.

Yes, I recommend

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