UltimateNZ, the perfect intro to traveling in NZ

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I'm SO HAPPY I decided to do the UltimateNZ Tour. While I was traveling in Australia, I decided last minute to take a trip to New Zealand with Ultimate Adventure Travel. Since I participated in their UltimateOz Tour when I first arrived in Australia and had the best time ever in Sydney, I was convinced their UltimateNZ tour would be just as fun! Our tour guide Faye was the best guide I've ever had on a group trip and she just made everything simply awesome. She's super spontaneous and funny, maybe even a little crazy and she just has a great personality. Though we had tons of fun in Auckland, I was glad we got to leave the city and discover the Coromandel, which is the place where I fell in love with New Zealand. Everything, literally EVERYTHING was so unbelievably green and beautiful. We stayed in a small, family-owned lodge which was super cosy and rustic. They had sheep and orange trees, it was just the best. We stayed there for 2 nights and did a lot of hikes to enjoy and take in all the nature the Coromandel has to offer. Our tour group really bonded in the Coromandel, especially during our "family dinners". We all felt sad when the tour had ended and everyone went their separate ways, continuing their travels in NZ. Though some people stuck together in group or ended up meeting each other a week later. UltimateNZ really offered a great start to everyone's travels in NZ. We all felt comfortable starting our big gap year, thanks to the travel and work information session, all the help we got figuring out sim cards and bank accounts and of course the legend Faye that made the week unforgettable! Thanks Ultimate <3 Can't wait to start planning my next Ultimate Tour!

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