My three week adventure in Barcelona

Growth: 7
Support: 7
Fun: 9
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

This was my first time over seas and I can truly say it has completely changed my perception of the world and has given me a better appreciation and perspective on my life. Studying abroad not only allows you to see the world, it also allows you to see yourself through a new lens. I learned that I love well seasoned food, like Barcelona's Paella for example is to die for! I also learned that I truly feel my best when I am exploring and doing new things. I fell in love with traveling and getting to learn about different cultures. I wish I could have stayed longer... One piece of advice I'll give that I wish I did in the very beginning of my trip was to maintain a open mind about everything. When it comes to doing something new or trying something new as long as it is safe say yes to it! You can only learn and grow from the experience.

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Yes, I would
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