Glad I Came

Growth: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

The early processes of applying for this program were very clear and straightforward. Adelante did an excellent job communicating what was needed from me along with all the important details and deadlines leading up to my trip.
Upon arrival, everything was as described. I had a ride from the airport to my apartment, was greeted by my landlord who walked me through everything, and started language courses at Kingsbrook the following Monday.
Kingsbrook was probably my favorite part of the whole program. All of the workers were extremely friendly and helpful, and it was an easy way to meet people who were also traveling and make friends right away.
After the two weeks at Kingsbrook began my internship. Though not necessarily Adelante's fault, maybe more so the company I worked for, but I was extremely, extremely....... extremely bored. Every day that I was there. I sat at a computer and did data entry, sometimes printed and filed important documents, but that was about it. I was okay with this at the beginning of course, but I thought eventually I'd get to at least participate in some of the event coordination that the company does (this was a group travel agency who planned museum tours, amusement park entry, sporting events, etc. for large groups of students). Though everyone was very kind and I liked the atmosphere of where I worked, I was quite disappointed with the way the internship played out.
My apartment was clean and very modern, however pretty far from the city (~25 min metro ride) which made it a bit of a hassle when wanting to go explore. My apartment did not come with a washing machine but instead my landlord would come and take the laundry once a week and bring it back several days later. Not a huge deal but this was sometimes problematic when I was traveling to other cities over the weekend and some weeks she would take way too long to return the clothes. I learned later it was much easier to just hand wash them myself. Something to note as this was not explained to me beforehand.

As a whole I enjoyed my time in Barcelona and very happy to have chosen this city to live in! I was lucky enough to be here for some of the city's biggest holidays and could not have enjoyed my time more.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed