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Internships in Barcelona - Adelante Abroad

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Spend 2-6 months in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, or Uruguay. Internships are year round and include customized placements (with over 20 sectors to choose from), FREE housing (in your own room), and Spanish language courses. Apply by February 9th to start as early as April 2nd.

For over 10 years, Adelante Abroad has provided affordable International Internship Programs in Barcelona. Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and the capital of Catalonia that serves as a tourist, cultural, and economic hot spot while heavily influencing the region’s commerce, entertainment, education, fashion, science, and media. Today, Barcelona remains one of our most popular programs.

Choose to intern in a wide range of fields with an internship placement geared towards boosting your professional development. Internships range from Spanish-owned companies to international corporations. Adelante helps tailor a program best suited for your career goals. With airport pick up, Spanish language classes, and an internship placement in your sector, our program provides a cultural experience of a lifetime! You'll walk away with improved Spanish language skills, international work experience to add to your resume, and a cultural experience of a lifetime.

For a full list of internship placements in Barcelona, click on "Visit Site" or if you're ready to fill out an application, click on "Get Started" above. Adelante's support team is excited to hear from you!
  • Flexibility: Our programs start the 1st Monday of every month with year round start dates. Choose to intern anywhere from 1-6 months.
  • Centralized Housing: You'll have your own private room in a shared apartment close to shopping, public transportation, and nightlife.
  • Tailored Internship: Contracted, customized internship abroad within your sector using only screened companies.
  • Local Staff: Our local Program Director is available 24/7 for emergency support.
  • Economical Pricing: We are budget friendly! With some research you will find that our prices can't be beat!
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This Adelante program includes a volunteer or internship placement in your sector of interest, airport pick up, housing, 2 weeks of intensive Spanish classes, and 24/7 access to your local Program Director.

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Glad I Came

The early processes of applying for this program were very clear and straightforward. Adelante did an excellent job communicating what was needed from me along with all the important details and deadlines leading up to my trip.
Upon arrival, everything was as described. I had a ride from the airport to my apartment, was greeted by my landlord who walked me through everything, and started language courses at Kingsbrook the following Monday.
Kingsbrook was probably my favorite part of the whole program. All of the workers were extremely friendly and helpful, and it was an easy way to meet people who were also traveling and make friends right away.
After the two weeks at Kingsbrook began my internship. Though not necessarily Adelante's fault, maybe more so the company I worked for, but I was extremely, extremely....... extremely bored. Every day that I was there. I sat at a computer and did data entry, sometimes printed and filed important documents, but that was about it. I was okay with this at the beginning of course, but I thought eventually I'd get to at least participate in some of the event coordination that the company does (this was a group travel agency who planned museum tours, amusement park entry, sporting events, etc. for large groups of students). Though everyone was very kind and I liked the atmosphere of where I worked, I was quite disappointed with the way the internship played out.
My apartment was clean and very modern, however pretty far from the city (~25 min metro ride) which made it a bit of a hassle when wanting to go explore. My apartment did not come with a washing machine but instead my landlord would come and take the laundry once a week and bring it back several days later. Not a huge deal but this was sometimes problematic when I was traveling to other cities over the weekend and some weeks she would take way too long to return the clothes. I learned later it was much easier to just hand wash them myself. Something to note as this was not explained to me beforehand.

As a whole I enjoyed my time in Barcelona and very happy to have chosen this city to live in! I was lucky enough to be here for some of the city's biggest holidays and could not have enjoyed my time more.

How can this program be improved?

This program can be improved by providing a breakdown of what exactly it is that you're paying for. I was told that not everyone paid the same amount for the language course which did not sit well with me, seeing as it was the group of Adelante students who were the ones reportedly paying a higher rate compared to others who were not part of this program.

Response from Adelante Abroad

Thank you Jessica for the wonderful review and all the time you took to write it! Just two points I'd like to address here: 1) your boredom at the workplace. We make it a point to check in with our candidates via email and Whats App, about every four days or so. In those checking-in emails we ask about your internship, among other things, so that if there is any issue we can step in to assist. Usually one phone call from our Director can help with an internship boredom issue, if we would have known about it! And 2) cost of your Spanish classes. Part of this program is the Intensive Spanish Language Course, for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week for the first two weeks you are in-country, to get you prepped for your internship. The price is the same for all Adelante candidates. There are many international students at the same language school, not in the Adelante program, doing different programs or just taking classes during their time in Barcelona. A six week course will be a different price than a two week course; one on one classes also have different pricing; some take classes in the morning and in the afternoons. There is an entire menu of options for other students, not Adelante candidates, at that language school. Adelante candidates all take the same course and pay the exact same amount.
(Last thing - the beach apartment where you lived is a bit far from the tourist center, but we like it because it is close to the beach! Some of our apartments have washing machines and some do not. Most candidates just do their own laundry at a laundry mat if they are in housing with no washing machine)
Thank you again and stay in touch - Team Adelante

Yes, I recommend

Great Experience

This program has so much to offer - I had such a great experience over in Barcelona! I was there for 2 months and did not want to leave. Barcelona was fun, young, and lively. Everyone I met there was very nice. Not once did I feel in danger - it was a safe and clean city.

My marketing internship was done at the language school you attend the first two weeks of the program. I could not have asked for a better internship. I made so many new friends and loved the place.

This was the first time I had ever lived on my own - let alone in a foreign country. I could tell how much more mature I felt leaving as to when I first arrived. It is a great experience to have, and luckily this program helps you along the way.

How can this program be improved?

This program can improve by breaking down the total cost more. It would have been nice to see where my money was actually going, and the actual cost of living in Barcelona etc. Don't get me wrong it was definitely more cheap than other programs out there, but it still would have been nice to see the breakdown.

Yes, I recommend
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Summer in Barcelona

Adelante is a great program for those interested in improving their Spanish language skills as well as achieving personal and professional growth. Kingsbrook Language School in Barcelona is an excellent institution that provides students with a good learning environment as well as the opportunity to meet other people at varying levels of language acquisition. Adelante supports their interns while also giving them the independence to make the most of their experience abroad. Great communication and support both at home during the application process and while abroad!

Yes, I recommend
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An amazing summer in Barcelona

I decided to join Adelante's program back in March of 2017 for an internship starting in June of 2017. It was a little last minute, but Adelante worked with me to get everything I needed done in time! I stayed in Barcelona for 2 months (June to July) and had an amazing time! My favorite part of the summer were the 2 weeks of Spanish classes that you take in the beginning (my focus this summer was improving my Spanish and these classes are what helped me the most). My internship was actually at the language school that I took classes at. I'm a psychology major interested in human resources so I worked with the coordinators on conducting feedback from their English Professors. My internship could have been better in terms of having more work to do during the week, but I loved the staff and enjoyed the experience. Finally, as a city, you can't beat Barcelona! It has everything to offer, but the beach is the #1 perk. If you're debating between Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona, just choose Barcelona. You won't regret it.

How can this program be improved?

My one concern after finishing this trip, is that I feel like I could have done what I did for less money had a found everything on my own. I understand that Adelante is a business that requires money to operate. I also understand that I am paying for the convenience of other people doing the hard work of finding accommodations and internship placements. However, knowing what I know now about the cost of living in Barcelona, I would be interested to know more specifically the breakdown of what my program fee went to because I understand now that a lot of it went towards Adelante rather than housing and tuition for classes like I originally thought. That being said, the program fee at Adelante really is lower than most other programs, and Adelante is professional, friendly, and supportive!

Response from Adelante Abroad

Hola Cassidy. Thank you for the strong review and excellent details. I am writing about your comment about organizing your airport pickup, classes, housing and internship on your own. The goal is that, next time, you do! It really is near impossible to do so the first time abroad, which we know from first-hand experience: taxi drivers can triple charge a jet lagged, young student on arrival; landlords can ask for an exorbitant deposit and then never return it, or simply raise the rent and if you don't pay, remove you; companies say they want you as an intern, then either never sign a contract with you, and you are unprotected and at the whim of random staff members, or simply stop returning emails and phone calls. These are just a few examples of what we here at HQ have experienced and what we eliminate, for a fee, ever happening. Thank you for acknowledging that we are the most economical Intern Abroad and Study Abroad provider on the market. This is our goal, so more people can live, intern and learn abroad. Team Adelante

Yes, I recommend

I had fun in Barcelona!

I was with Adelante for their two-month program in Barcelona under Business Marketing. I would say I had a really fun overall experience. I met so many people all over. Most of them are from the U.S. I'm from California and everyone else was from the east coast. Those friends that I've met were my family in Barcelona for all two-months I was here. We all went out together and traveled together.

The two-week language school, Kingsbrook, is intense, but I learned a great deal and I had to start my internship right when I got to Barcelona so my schedule was jammed pack. It was my decision, not Adelante. However, I don't know the difference between Adelante program and Kingsbrook. I had more connections through Kingsbrook than I did with Adelante. I'm not quite sure. Overall, I'm thankful for the program that took the effort to find my internship. Furthermore, I had an amazing time!

Yes, I recommend
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The program that opens dorrs to you

During my internship in Barcelona I had a fantastic experience. The city is amazing with a lot of fun and things to do. You cannot like it in here. Housing was quite good although it was far away from my internship company.The work experience in my internship was really useful. I got a lot of contacts that will help me in my future career. I met a lot of important and interesting people. I learnt a new language and culture thanks to visiting a lot of cultural events. I spent 4 months in Barcelona. I suggest new students to do their internship for the longest time possible. You will not be disappointed . Adelante stuff was helpful, I did not have any problem and if so they resolved all of them. Also the Spanish course at the begging of the internship is interesting and useful. It helps you to get used to Spanish.

How can this program be improved?

Interact more with other students. More programs organized for all of us.

Yes, I recommend
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Buyer Beware: Cheap, but Mediocre at Best and Incompetent at Worst

It surprises me how this program continues to receive largely very positive reviews. Certainly, if everything had gone according to plan with my program experience, I might feel more magnanimous towards Adelante– despite the program’s thorough mediocrity in any case, really. In the end, my three months in Barcelona were just decent enough. The “Miami of the Mediterranean” is a hard place to get bored with, but well before I had even arrived in Spain, Adelante dropped the ball. Adelante Abroad bills itself as “a very strong, successful program right now,” but for me, it was actually more like a recklessly inattentive internship mill, hiding behind a fairly deceptive website. My main mistake was initially applying for a six-month program in Barcelona. It turns out that applying for an Adelante program longer than the 90-day Schengen Area allowance, which usually requires a visa, can send you on an exhausting and expensive journey into some shady bureaucratic territory. And Adelante is definitely not going to be there to guide you through it, whatever they may claim to the contrary.

Schengen Area countries require Americans to obtain a longer-term visa for stays of more than ninety days. Adelante was woefully irresponsible in how it prepared me to apply for a visa. It is true that for a variety of reasons, Adelante must ultimately leave the visa responsibility to the applicant, but this does not excuse Adelante from the gross negligence they displayed in failing to guide me, a paying client, through the process. Everything was going well until Adelante got back to me with my program dates; I was to spend 189 days in Spain. This proposed length of time was obviously inconvenient, as visas for longer than 180 days require a more comprehensive background check, including a medical analysis and an FBI criminal history report. Of course, I had to research this on my own; Adelante seemed clueless and unaware that the inclusion of just nine extra days would require significantly more effort and money on my part. And though I had applied well ahead of Adelante’s deadline, I found myself having to scramble to acquire all the necessary documents in time for my last-minute appointment at the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco. In total, I spent slightly over $1,000 in costs related to my visa application; much of this went to fees associated with obtaining FBI clearance.

I drove hundreds of miles to San Francisco and walked into the Consulate of Spain on the day of my appointment. I was met with an ice-cold reception. My visa officer spoke in a haughty tone, and requested additional documentation above and beyond what I was led to believe was necessary (this documentation was not listed as necessary anywhere on the consulate’s website). Apparently in the eyes of Spain, I was some hardcore criminal intent on causing trouble in Barcelona until I proved myself otherwise, despite my perfectly clean FBI record. I never figured out why they did not like me; maybe they simply did not like the way I looked. A chat with the visa officer’s supervisor yielded the same aggressive suspiciousness (he was friendly at first, but after going downstairs to pick up my application file and speak with the visa officer, he came back with a real doozy of an attitude). There was little I could do to change this; as representatives of a foreign government, visa officers are pretty much free to exercise whatever discretion they want when it comes to issuing visas. And while this situation was obviously bad, Adelante’s response was equally disappointing. Yes, maybe the consulate was determined to keep me out of Spain for more than three months, but Adelante did not even lift a finger to assist me, their client. It did not help that Adelante messed up my introduction letter to the consulate; they carelessly mislabeled me as an “architecture” student. The visa officer told me that they would process my application once I had submitted my “Convenio.” I was somewhat familiar with this term; in the course of my visa research, I had learned to equate “Convenio” with Adelante’s “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), a contract between the intern and the company. The consulate wanted this document as extra proof that I would actually be an intern (and not a criminal) in Spain. On the phone, Adelante feigned ignorance. They claimed that the MOU was merely an “internal document,” and that mine was not ready, as they had not even set me up with an employer yet. Later in Spain, when I actually received my MOU, it was also labeled “Convenio,” and had all the appearances of being a real legal document. So much for the Adelante Director’s unconvincing defense over the phone: “‘Convenio?’ What does that even mean? I’m so sorry, Jarrett. You’ll just have go to Spain without a visa!”

Faced with arrogant obstruction from the consulate, lazy incompetence from Adelante, and with just weeks to go before my flight to Europe, I made the difficult decision to abort my visa application and shorten my program to less than ninety days. Once again, I had lost $1,000 in failed pursuit of this visa, and I had moved to a shorter-term Adelante program, which is charged at a much higher monthly rate. I did not think I was paying several thousand dollars for Adelante to basically say: “Okay man, let us know when you get the visa. Good luck! You’ll need it! LOL.” Adelante’s emphasis on the “independent traveler” is a subtle way of shirking responsibility when things go wrong. It became clear to me why sleeker internship companies do not even usually offer programs for more than three months– it is simply irresponsible to send unprepared applicants blindly into the bureaucratic hell that can be the visa application process. And after going through this disaster, my shortened internship experience did little to relieve my disappointment with Adelante. As other reviewers have noted, the actual internships that Adelante arranges can be unsatisfying at times. Adelante sent me links to the websites of glamorous hotels, and told me that I would go through a rigorous training process at one of them. In reality, I spent a lot of my days just cleaning rooms and waking people up at a simple hostel. I met another Adelante intern in Barcelona who actually called it “false advertising.” As for lodging, I was placed in an old apartment with no air conditioning and dysfunctional Wi-Fi. It was definitely not a truly horrible situation, but it certainly did little to change my impression of Adelante as a fairly lackluster internship company. My contact at Adelante did reliably check in with me over email, but these short and generic messages seemed like a cheap way of creating the illusion of real customer service.

I suppose you get what you pay for. My Spanish skills did improve, and I did gain work experience. Considering Adelante’s affordable, bargain basement prices, I might have been basically satisfied with my barebones internship and lodging experience in Barcelona, were it not for the fact that Adelante’s clumsiness regarding bureaucratic realities cost me a great deal of extra time and money. And although I cannot forgive the Spanish Consulate for its bizarre and inexplicable suspicion of me, I was absolutely unimpressed with Adelante’s weak and evasive response to that challenge. So, I must place equal blame for this episode with the consulate, and with Adelante for failing to look after me as a client. Probably the best aspect of the program was the vibrant city of Barcelona itself, but obviously Adelante is not the only internship company that can take you there. Going forward, I would strongly caution American applicants against opting for a longer-term Adelante program, as these may require a visa, and Adelante may just abandon you, should trouble arise in your visa application process. Shorter programs, however, do not have the same low per-month rate that attracted me to Adelante over its competitors in the first place. To improve its service, Adelante needs to put more effort into assisting its clients through the visa application process, and to be more prepared when its clients encounter a hostile bureaucracy. Adelante should also warn prospective clients about the unpredictable risks, costs, and significant efforts involved in the visa application process.

Response from Adelante Abroad

Jarrett, thanks for taking the time to write about your visa experiences and it seems fair to say that the very low 4 / 10 score you gave, goes to the Spain Consulate in Los Angeles, not to Adelante! Each month our candidates go to Consulates across the US to secure visas, because we cannot do this process for them, rather the person securing the visa has to go, in person and present their visa application materials, and it is a very straightforward process. We do provide the required Sponsor letter and concise instructions, from how to set up an appointment to what to say during the process. We simply don't hear about problems like you describe above. Ever. Maybe you got a grumpy visa officer or maybe you said something he didn't like, no idea, again the process is typically very straightforward. And while it is unfortunate that you had to go through that, it has nothing to do with Adelante or your program abroad.
In regards to the Intern in Barcelona program, thank you for highlighting that we are one of the most economical programs of this type on the market. We work very hard to keep it that way. Our competitors, as you know, charge upwards of 200% more than we do. Lately we have seen a rash of what it appears is happening here, which is that a candidate applies for the economical program, after much research, and then expects the hand holding and extra services provided by programs that cost literally thousands more.
Thanks for confirming that you did gain valuable international professional experience, that your language level improved and that you are enamored of Barcelona, like we are: all of these are our goals and all of these, apparently, were met, per your words above.
We were VERY surprised to read this review in light of your communications with us during your three month internship: all positive, including your satisfaction with your internship and the working environment there, your signing up for our Night Out event and ongoing input from you about your new friends and explorations of Barcelona and Spain. Your one stated issue was inadequate wifi and you advised about that on a Friday and by Tuesday it was fixed.
We wish you good luck in future endeavors and would respectfully request that you reconsider the 4 / 10 score since that is unwarranted. Team Adelante

No, I don't recommend
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Barcelona Summer 2016

Hello readers! If you reading this review then you are probably interested in interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Well, let me begin by telling you that you do not need to look any further if you are interested in an astonishing international experience. Barcelona is an excellent destination filled with marvelous architecture, alluring beaches, delectable dishes , diverse groups of people all with colorful personalities, and an absolutely dynamic nightlife. The question isn't where do I want to travel, the question is what program is best for me to use to get there? Well in this review I will tell you about my experience with Adelante Abroad.

Let's first start off with the price. I want to mention that if you travel, prepare for it to be costly period. However, Adelante Abroad does stand by their word when they advertise that they are affordable. Affordable meaning that the price is fair not a steal nor is it a rip off. I think it is accurately priced for what you get. So the price is actually a good value.

Next I want to mention the staff. The Adelante Abroad staff gives you phenomenal service! They make the application process very smooth and easy for candidates. They are also quick and very receptive to any question and concerns before, during, and after your program. Not to mention, they are very friendly, understanding, and extremely considerate. While abroad, they make sure that everything is going well and even send you links to events or helpful tools used to adapt to your new surroundings. For customer service, the staff gets a definite 10 out of 10.

Next would the inclusive Spanish courses you will take the first 2 weeks there. The classes were held at Kingsbrook. Kingsbrook has very engaging classes for language learning. My teacher was very enthusiastic and gravitating. However the lesson plans could have more structure. It seemed as though the lessons that were covered did not flow. Although, for the second part of Spanish lessons, it was taught by a different instructor. This instructor was brilliant. He handed us worksheets and also had group activities to where the whole class was involved which was very fun. Two weeks of Spanish lesson was not enough. This is one of the flaws of the program but I am sure that if you ask for more Spanish lessons then they would accommodate.

Housing would be my next topic. The housing was lavish compared to some of the other apartments that I visited there in Barcelona. You get your own room and also there is a housekeeper that cleans the apartment and also washes your laundry. I did not need anyone doing my laundry but it was nice I guess. Also with my apartment it was in a great location as well. It was not far from the mall, the beach, and the metro/bus station. The apartment itself was small, but honestly everything in Europe will be that way, so you just will have to get use to it. Other than that housing was great. The pictures they have online can be a little misleading but not completely false. Online it looked much bigger but the apartment still had a nice layout.

Last, but of course, the most important element would be the internship. Wow, I have much to say about my internship but I will try to be concise. My internship was not bad but it had much room for improvement. During my internship I felt as though I was just an extra and I was not part of the bigger picture. The interns at my job placement did not have much rank nor responsibility. Yes, we had duties but I could not help but feel like I was a pawn. I basically did all the dirty work that the others did not want to do. I do want to mention that this does come with the territory if you apply to be an intern so I really could not complain. However, the internship itself was not entirely dreadful. There were more hits than misses. I did enjoy the staff at the two locations I worked and also I did learn much when it came to becoming a professional in my industry. I could go on forever about the pluses and minuses about the internship but overall I think that it I something that you will enjoy but also be prepared for the moments that are not really hands on with your internship experience.

I hope this review helps you your internship program search. I think just like all programs, Adelante has much potential but at the same time not perfect. I would still recommend this program to a friend. Good luck. Adios!

How can this program be improved?

This program can be improved by having interns customize their program. If I could do it all over again, I would have a month worth of Spanish lessons then followed by my internship. Also the internship could be more hands on by assigning more duties that require leadership. The internship could have more hands on experiences and just be completely more engaging.

Yes, I recommend
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Better Than I Had Hoped

As I write this, I only have one night left of my 3 month stay here in Barcelona. At this point my only regret is not planning to stay for longer. While getting used to hearing and speaking Spanish was difficult at first, Kingsbrook language school was a huge help. The teachers are extremely helpful and the classes were always a fun learning environment. Besides learning Spanish, the school was also a great way to make friends quickly. Through Kingsbrook I was lucky enough to make great friends from all over the world.

In terms of the internship, I was not quite sure what to expect prior to my arrival. One week after starting at the company however, I already found myself very happy with the placement. The internship had me learning about global sourcing, an industry that piqued my genuine interest in international business. They treated me as a full member of their team and provided projects that challenged me to learn on my own while they were always available to help. Overall, the internship left me with practical knowledge of an industry I had known little about prior to working with them.

Finally, a review of my stay here would not be complete without mentioning that Barcelona is absolutely one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to. Barcelona has everything someone could ask for. Beautiful landmarks and architecture, nightlife, the beach, fine cuisine, mountains to climb, people from across the globe to meet, and more. There is hardly ever a boring moment in this vibrant city.

How can this program be improved?

The only advice I can give is to provide food shopping advice for when people first arrive. For people new to spanish and barcelona, it can be hard and costly trying to food shop at first without knowing the best places to go nearby the apartment. Just some tips as to the best ones nearest each apartment would work.

Yes, I recommend
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Make-your-own experience, really. :) plus some things to improve upon

I'm an 19y.o. Indonesian that is studying in Australia. For my 2015 summer break I chose to do something I've never done before - living in Europe by myself, in a country where I do not know anyone and which language I did not speak, while having my very first (unpaid) office job. This has been the scariest and life-changing experience I have ever had, and most certainly one I'll never forget. :)

Barcelona is the right place for you if you enjoy going on hikes and getting some fresh air from the city on weekends (it certainly was the right place for me!). Whenever I'm not sick or working, I'm out having excursions and meeting new people. I went horseriding several times in very beautiful and memorable places. I went trekking and hiking and took trains to medieval villages. And the best of all, I get to travel while meeting new people from all over the world and especially Europe, which for me is the most important part of the whole experience. :)

I spent 3 months in Barcelona. During the first 5 weeks I had difficulties in adapting to the environment and I got sick many times - stomachaches, colds, fevers, you name it. Afterwards it got better but I still got sick at least once every two weeks - usually minor, but sometimes I could be immobilized in bed for hours. I have Asian friends who found the same problem - getting a lot of colds and stomachaches, hair falling out, etc,. Maybe the environment is more difficult for Asian people to get used to (lol, who knows). During those times I had to cancel excursions I have planned with my friends - and despite not being able to do anything about it, I regret it very much. I wish I had spent more time in Barcelona.

I loved my job in the office. I interned in a publishing company which also published the FC Barcelona's official albums, which is awesome. I designed banners and book covers and a lot of things for the company. During the process, my coworkers were very honest in giving me feedback and they were very patient with me when I do not understand something. However I think the company lacked communication with me - for example, I had to find out myself (from my friends who were working) that there was a public holiday the following week and that I did not have to be in the office. Other than that, though, it was great. They were patient when I made mistakes and were very understanding. As it was my first office job, I learned so many things from it. It was quite satisfying.

A tip for future interns: Adelante is DEAD SERIOUS when they say that this program is only for independent travelers. You are on your own to decide where you want to go and with whom, and you have to be able to find your own way to be able to meet new people. The Adelante representative in Spain did not meet or greeted me until almost 2 weeks after my arrival, and that was only to talk about work and if I have any other questions, which in my opinion was a bit late to ask about... The pre departure orientation packet was not very updated and helpful about the metro tickets - Make sure to enter your ID number when you buy one or you will be fined! (During the time I bought my ticket, a local who was helping kinda put random numbers onto it and I thought that was what we were supposed to do because it still works - but when the need to renew your ticket arises, you won't be able to do that.) another tip is to NOT go to the hospital that Adelante recommends you to. Contrary to what I expected, I was not given an English-speaking doctor regardless of my request, and the price to just see the doctor for less than five minutes was ridiculously expensive. If it's a minor problem, then just go to the local pharmacy and ask a pharmacist what to get. A final tip is to always be careful with your belongings no matter where you are. So many of my friends have had their things stolen. The hype is real.

The bottom line is, this program is simply a bridge. What you get out of it is your own choice. You will be handed a free rein to make your own experience and make it life-changingly awesome. For me, it certainly was! ;)

How can this program be improved?

The US side of Adelante's support is simply awesome - checking in to see how we're doing every now and then and even sending us some very amusing and helpful Internet links. The Spanish side, though, not so much. I only spoke to the representative once, almost 2 weeks into the program, and after then it was just one warning email (which I actually needed, totally my fault) - but she was never curious on how we were getting on. maybe this is because the program is for independent travelers. However, not even welcoming me to Spain after I arrived... It kinda made me feel ignored. After a while, it felt like the representative was not even there...

Adelante claimed that the housing price already included everything including Internet and washing machine, but my housing did NOT have a washing machine - which is a major, major flaw. We ended up having to give our laundry to the landlady once per week, but the soonest that she'll return it to us is 2 days later. Once, she had an emergency elsewhere and was not able to attend to our laundry for almost two weeks. After she launders our clothes, she folded them as she wished without ironing or leaving it out first, so all my button-down shirts end up being all wrinkly and unusable. She also didn't care about separating my laundry with the other housemates - not even if there were guys as well as girls. I had my stuff mixed up with my other housemates sometimes because we had to take our own stuff from a pile of clothes. And we had to pay extra for the wifi as well. Prior to my arrival, I thought that I would be living with the Spanish landlady. But apparently I was wrong, because the other room in the house was rented for another student. i liked the housing itself though because it is very lovely and beautiful. :)

And the pre departure orientation packet should be very up to date because newcomers rely desperately on it.

So, correct information about housing and better communication from the Spanish side would definitely improve the experience. But in my opinion, Adelante did a really good job in general. :)

Response from Adelante Abroad

Gisela! Thank you so much for such a good, detailed review. We know you had a life changing time with us in Barcelona and we would love to have you back - to Barcelona, or maybe learn about Madrid or how about Chile next time:)?
In regards to our director of programs there, she usually reaches out to candidates on Wednesday of that first week in country. She also consciously treats candidates like adults living abroad and tries to be really clear that she is there if you need her. She assumes if you don't reach out to her, all is good.
About the laundry situation: that apartment is newly renovated and the washing machine has been broken by students so many times. So this landlady chooses to actually do the laundry herself to eliminate repairs and down time when the machine is broken. So sorry that this was not to your liking! Also, wifi is DEFINITELY included and we will make sure to clarify this so it doesn't happen again in that apartment. Adelante would like to offer you an amazon gift card that we can email out to you today to cover the difference.
Thanks again and good luck at school back in Australia.

Yes, I recommend
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A truly free city

Adelante's coordination of my marketing internship in Barcelona was great. The program followed through on all of its promises, and the support was clearly there if and when I needed it. Luckily, I didn't because Barcelona is such a awesome place. I am so happy I got to call it home for two months. My apartment was a hop, skip, and a jump away from the metro which could take me anywhere in the city. I worked for 4 hours a day, and that time split between work and cultural immersion made life extremely enjoyable. I met so many great people, wherher it was through school, work, the program, or a social setting. More importantly, it was a great time to get to know myself. This program was better than a study abroad expierence because I was truly free. There was nobody that forced me to do anything I didn't want to do, and there was no after-school homework. Many people assume that classes abroad will be a walk in the park, but I met more than a few people who were frustrated with class requirements. Adelante allowed me to bolster my CV in a way that I can be proud to talk about in my next interview. Barcelona itself is phenomenal city. As long as you are aware of whats going on around you, you should be safe. The city offers so many options, from being a beach bum to clubs to museums. The In the summer, it was hot and there was no AC in my apartment, but the draft made it relatively easy to sleep. The new culture provided me with a totally different set of challenges, but I feel I have grown as a person because of it. Adelante provided me with the platform to do just that.

How can this program be improved?

I am hard pressed to search for somethings that Adelante could do better, but it is a challenge. This program is catered for the independent, which means that in reality that quality of experience is almost entirely dependent on the individual and his/her outlook on things. With that being said, I would have liked to know what my job was specifically before I paid. Also, I would have liked to talk about the options of work readily available were. I must admit, however, that my job turned out great.

Yes, I recommend
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Great experience in Barcelona

During my internship in Barcelona I had a fantastic experience. The city itself is magnificently beautiful and there is no end of things to see and do. It almost feels like a perpetual vacation. The amount of students studying and traveling to Barcelona make it fairly easy to meet people. The work experience in my internship was also quite good. Adelanted helped me set-up my internship with the specific organization I was interested in. While there I had a support system via Adelante and the organization I was working with. I also had a number of exciting experiences, from meeting Spanish supreme court judges to going to campaigns with 17,000 people in attendance, to meeting delegations from Taiwan. However, on the day to day basis I do not feel as though I made much of an impact on the organization as a whole nor was I given much responsibility other than about one press release translation per week. The Catalan language was also an issue. Despite this, the overall experience of being in Barcelona the opportunities I was given during my internship absolutely made this internship worthwhile.

How can this program be improved?

Better description of housing and rules
Better facilitation of socialization opportunities
Stronger understanding and expression of internships and responsibilites

Response from Adelante Abroad

Thank you Christina so much for this wonderful and helpful review. During your 6 month Intern in Barcelona program with us, you kept in good contact and received excellent Evaluations from both domestic and Spain Adelante staff. As you know, your participating company abroad also gave you very high marks. To your points on how this program can be improved: thanks to your ongoing input, we have made sure to highlight the housing rules and policies in more than just one document, so everyone is clear prior to arrival what is expected of them. And while we do not offer Adelante sponsored social events abroad, to keep costs lower than most all other programs out there, we do make sure to provide early on a permanent, neutral space online for everyone to be in contact, if they wish to be. Lastly, internship descriptions are given in contract form about a month prior to arrival so each intern knows what to expect, however these are apt to change once the intern actually arrives and begins work based on their performance abroad. We like the analogy one of our past interns used and that is, "Adelante guarantees an open door in your desired field abroad, what you do once you walk through it is up to you". Thank you again for the time you have taken to write this helpful Review and congratulations on successful completion of a rigorous and rewarding international program!

Yes, I recommend
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Barcelona internship

I have always wanted to travel abroad whether it was with or without a program. It was a good decision doing it with adelante because I was able to get to know Barcelona and gain experience as well. The program provided everything they said they would. The first week or two could seem hard to make friends and time did go by slow but by the third week everything went by quick. I recommend looking up free tours and paid ones of the city or pub crawls, it is a great way to meet people and stay in contact with them throughout your stay. The internship I was placed at was good and I was able to make friends with others completing their internship as well. I am definitely looking to go back to Europe in the future!

How can this program be improved?

Although the location of the housing provided was great and easy access to the city center and other locations, the room I stayed in was really small. The program could also include more information on the city in terms of groups such as meet ups or free tours that may help others meet people in the city.

Response from Adelante Abroad

Glad to hear you had a great experience overall and would like to plan a return to Europe some day Kevin! As far as information on meet-ups and such, we try to send our candidates cool links/info on things that they can do or how to meet up with people. This is usually sent within the first few weeks of our candidates arrival. If somehow you didn't get our e-mails, we now know we need to be more diligent about following up about them in the future. Thanks for the feedback, Kevin!

Yes, I recommend
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Once in a lifetime experience

I was placed in an incredible internship and got to be part of historic moments in Barcelona thanks to Adelante. This experience helped me realize personal and professional goals and I really grew in my five months abroad. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, the only negative part was that it was difficult to make friends and I was on my own a lot at my internship and at home. But overall a very positive experience!

How can this program be improved?

I think students should be better informed about their housing situations before arriving, as I didn't expect that I would be living with a landlord and we didn't end up getting along - however, Adelante was quick to move me to a much better housing situation. I also definitely think that students should be offered the chance to learn Catalan instead of or in addition to Spanish if they want because it would be very helpful in Barcelona.

Yes, I recommend
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Barcelona Intern Abroad Review

My experience with Adelante Abroad was seamless. From the helpful staff and their willingness to communicate with me while abroad to my phenomenal internship placement, I could not have asked for a better company to guide me through this life changing experience.

How can this program be improved?

If I could change one thing, it would be the housing placement. I think it's important to understand that the people you will be living with are NOT part of the Adelante team per se, and are not looking to hold your hand in any way during your stay.

Yes, I recommend

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