TEAN New Zealand Semester Abroad

Academics: 6
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My experience working with staff at the TEAN program was nothing short of awesome. Everyone at this organization is so well-versed in what they do and know such specific things about each program that their ability to help students is top-notch. Studying abroad is a pretty big decision and absolutely stressful when the process first begins. However, TEAN was so helpful and answered every single question I could muster up, and managed to get me excited about this amazing experience I was about to have. I would have to say my favorite thing was having an on-sight TEAN advisor. My advisor was actually born and raised in New Zealand and attending graduate school so she was super helpful when it came to travel advice in the area, any questions I ever had about the way their universities worked there, and even just what hikes she liked or coffee shop she recommended. I haven't stopped thinking about my semester abroad since I've come home, and it's been about a year now since I started the application process. I made life-long friends, which I was honestly super nervous about at first, but it was so easy. Every single student going through TEAN that I met at orientation was so excited to be there and so adventurous and accepting; we were all in the same boat, trying to meet people and have fun, so it was so easy to make friends. My friends that I met at Lincoln University are absolutely, without a doubt, life-long friends now. Living in an international section was probably the best decision I made because I got to meet people from literally all around the world. I was traveling the incredible and beautiful country of New Zealand with American, Norweigian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Brazilian friends. Who could have even imagines that? It was so surreal, and I wish I could relive every single second of my semester in New Zealand. I always felt like I had a safety net with in-person help from TEAN as well as over the phone and online as well. They were always there in the background which was amazing, and I was still able to explore and travel and be adventurous without being held back. Overall, I would 110% recommend this program to anyone looking to get out there and adventure a little bit; you won't regret choosing this program!!

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