An Experience of a Lifetime.

Instruction: 10
Support: 8
Value: 8
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 8

Teaching abroad is something that I dreamt about doing for a long time, ever since I taught abroad in college in 2012. After a few years of teaching in the states I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did. After much research and knowing that I wanted to teach in Spain, in hopes of becoming bilingual, I decided on TEFL Heaven.
TEFL Heaven was a great way to connect with the teaching world abroad. They were supportive from the day of the interview and even followed up with me once the program was complete. For the Spain program TEFL Heaven sets you up with a sister company. The classes are all taught by experienced educators who have previously taught in Spain. Each one is extremely knowledgable in what they are teaching. The best thing about this program is that you will definitely be prepared to teach English as a foreign language. I think I learned more about grammar and the English language in this 1 month TEFL course than I had in my 18 years of education in the states. The teachers are also extremely supportive and go above and beyond the duties of just a teacher to help you with all your needs.
- If you have flexibility of when to come I would recommend coming for the July or August course as there are tons of job opportunities starting in September, or do the November course as again many jobs open up again in January. (There are jobs opening up constantly year round though, these are just the most popular times)
- The course is intense, but it does its job well as it will prepare you for teaching English as a second language, and remember it's just one month!
- If you need support, ask for it! There are people in place to help you, so ask the questions that you need answered and don't ever hesitate to ask!

"This is your moment. You've let excuses hold you back long enough. Today, take the steps to accomplish what is in your heart"- Joel Osteen.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would