Volunteer with Projects Abroad

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

My name is Brooke Stoddard, and I travelled to Kenya in October 2017 to volunteer with Projects Abroad. At first, I was quite nervous about the whole adventure, since it was my first time travelling so far from home. Not only was I travelling far from home, I did not know anyone either. When I first arrived, I, as well as many other volunteers, thought "What am i doing here?". However, once I arrived to the Projects Abroad office in Nanyuki, all my stress had dropped off my shoulders. I was so relived. The staff was extremely welcoming, and make 100% certain that all their volunteers are safe at all times. The volunteers felt like family to me for the 3 weeks I was in Kenya. The volunteering was a life changing experience. I was working in the orphanages, and the children are so appreciative of everything we do for them. They simply may just need a smile, or a hug to make a difference in their day. It is truly heart warming. Every week day, all the volunteers were brought back to the Projects Abroad office where we could all interact and socialize with one another, which truly was great. Also, the staff organized social events every week, in order for the volunteers to simply get together and have fun. I guess i could go on and on about this volunteer trip, but if i have one last thing to mention, its that I highly recommend Projects Abroad. They are all simply amazing. From the moment you sign up for the trip, until the last day you leave the destination to go home. I, for one, loved every second of my adventure, and I will certainly be back to volunteer soon with Projects Abroad.

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