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Housing: 5
Support: 4
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

For me personally, this was the first true away from home experience. With little to no knowledge of basic cooking or washing, this really was a baptism by fire, a nice and crispy baptism at that.However, these worries were soon slashed and placed into the recycle bin of my mind for later usage. Seeing Vancouver’s expansive metropolises upon landing immediately injected a sense of adventure and pure excitement for what was to come. Even though our time in Vancouver was only a flying visit it was just enough to begin to get to know future friends over eleventeen beers in Vancouver’s famous gas town.
Our first few days few days in Revelstoke were partly over shadowed by persistent rain, however a little rain never dampened our excitement for opening day or my parting spirit, in fact I think my spirit may have been a little too much for me to handle. Before I knew it opening day was at my door along with the first day of training. The snow was laid thick on the ground like sun cream on a cricket umpires top lip. The air was cool and crisp, drying out any exposed skin to that of old person’s lips. ‘send it’ and ‘dropping’ could be heard all across the mountain as skiers and boarders dived nose first into Canadas finest white stuff. Even though this fun was shorted lived due to an unusual and unfortunate lack of snow it gave me a chance to focus on my seemingly broken style of skiing (according to Revelstokes ski instructors anyways). Even so these past few days did go well and beyond to improve my skiing setting me up nice for my level one exam. However this can’t be said for all as two broken shoulders within the first week might be taking the training here a little too far. Never the less I can’t say that a few broken bones won’t stop us on our hunt for fresh lines, crazy drops and overall send it’ness.

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